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91. View single wallpaper file - redsky - Download a beautiful Global Fly Fisher wallpaper for your computer. These pictures have been carefully prepared for the purpose of being a suitable background on the desktop of your computer. - Global FlyFisher

...ead our copyright notices and contact us before doing anything else. Can I submit my own photos to make a GFF wallpaper? Absolutely! We need a high qu... ...nything further. If you just want to show your picture to others, consider submitting it to our GFFPix User's Picture Galery . How do I remove the wal... ...Patterson · nite_angel_mtairy·at· Submitted October 31st 2005 your wallpaper and SCREEN SAVERS LOOK BEAUTIFUL. I WOULD L... Chris O'Byrne · obyrnec·at· Submitted September 8th 2005 Great, motivating picture. How much water was he in? What k...

92. How to look good - Appearance and behavior are two very important aspects of fly fishing. Act or look the wrong way, and fellow anglers will immediately judge you as an amateur. This first chapter of two will teach you what to wear and carry. - Global FlyFisher

...· malte·at· Submitted March 18th 2011 :-D Very cool article! From: Craig White · cwhite1·at·maine.... ...ut to catch! : From: Glenn · g.parkin·at· Submitted March 18th 2011 good one Martin, are we getting a little stir cr... From: KUBA · jakub.vedral·at· Submitted March... Martin Joergensen · martin·at· Submitted March 18th 2011 Mi...

93. Canada second Day - Bon A(d)venture - Day 2 - Two days fishing in Bon Aventure - Global FlyFisher

...Beeby · Stephaniebeeby·at· Submitted December 22nd 2008 I love the pictures of you in this one.. you look happy and real... ...adventures!! From: Rolandas · rulismin·at· Submitted November 16th 2008 Kasper, Great! rgds Rolandas From: Ann Smith &...;at· Submitted November 12th 2008 Wow!! Great article and great photos!! Congratulations!! Glenn, as always! Top Notch! An... ... Frank Müller · wortwoertlich·at· Submitted October 31st 2008 Hey Kasper, that story is a real appetizer. I´m hooked ...

94. Brown Spinner - My old favorite - Global FlyFisher

...iddot;GMAIL.COM Submitted June 23rd 2010 Good work Kasper!! Could work on the Lima Stream!! From: Glenn · g.parkin·at· ...t, Thank you From: Ddevil00 · Ddevil00·at· Submitted June 1... ...omment From: Kasper Mühlbach · kasper·at· Submitted June 19th 2010 Thanks guys. It's always nice to get feed-back.... ... From: kelvin · pugetsoundflatwing·at· Submitted June 17th 2010 VERY NICE TIE! From: Alan Petrucci · uppahdam&m...

95. Tom's reel - The design and making of homemade fly fishing reels. A wonderful hobby beside fly fishing itself. - Global FlyFisher

... comments From: Henk van Bork · vanborkd·at· Submitted May 9th 2011 Hi Tom, Outstanding design reel, a piece of art and ... ...Submitted May 9th 2011 Hi Tom, When you showed me your new reel at the club I was deeply impressed. I knew your abilitys, I've seen your other reels, ... ... what a beauty! From: Tom Biesot · tomfo·at· Submitted May 8th 2011 Hello Chris, I am pleased that you liked the reel ,y... ...ot; tomfo·at· Submitted May 8th 2011 Hello Korrie, It is nice to hear that you liked the article so much, it was a lot of work ...

96. IFTS 2007 - Show - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher IFTS 2007IFTS 2007 - Show - Global FlyFisher First published November 18th 2007 More about: Fly tying Ifts Shows Reports <!--

97. IFTS 2007 - Show - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher IFTS 2007IFTS 2007 - Show - Global FlyFisher First published November 18th 2007 More about: Fly tying Ifts Shows Reports <!--

98. Bumby Mexico - A bumpy trip to Punta Allen, Mexico for bonefish and tarpon. - Global FlyFisher

...llowing email exchange took place in the beginning of 2004 after a comment submitted on GFF as a reaction to my article on Belize : Lutz Schepers subm...;at&middot; Submitted November 22nd 2005 Guides are about 300 USD per day or more for a boat with room for two or three anglers.... ... Google. Martin From: Anders &middot; pigdog&middot;at&middot; Submitted November 19th 2005 How much did the guides charge per day? Web si... ... the form below. Comment To This page General comment Your name Your email Submit my comm...

99. Hyper-Compleat Principles of Leader Design - The most comprehensive tool for calculating classical and contemporary leaders - and designing your own formulas for knotted leaders - Global FlyFisher

...ced User comments From: jake &middot; jaalf21&middot;at&middot; Submitted November 5th 2005 Yes im fishing ... ... leader. From: Walter K &middot; free2fish37&middot;at&middot; Submitted October 2nd 2005 Dear M... ...ry much Walter K From: c. kahle &middot; kahlecel&middot;at&middot; Submitted August 14th 2005 Simply put. thank you. When ... ...teelhead. From: jim smagala &middot; jsmagala&middot;at&middot; Submitted August 2nd 2005 Terrific information on leaders. Thanks Want to c...

100. How to get your products reviewed on GFF - Global FlyFisher

...always look for the best in everything. Putting pride aside is a must when submitting items for review. We do not accept any advertising at any time. ... your product reviewed on GFF Please observe these few guidlelines when submitting books or publications for review: Take extra caution in packagin... ...e graphic for use on our website. Damaged products make for poor graphics. Submit an ample qauntity for use in field testing. We aren't asking for any... ... one is sufficent, but if sending a leader, a few would be more realistic. Submit...

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