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91. The Fluff - Fish are stupid - they must be to take this simple and efficient pattern - Global FlyFisher

...omments From: David Anstey · danstey·at· Submitted February 1st 2010 The problem with ... ... · pergade·at· Submitted January 29th 2010 No, I haven't tried it for mullet - only trout and garfish. In both cases ... ...ferrismclaughlin·at· Submitted January 25th 2010 Have you tried this fly for mullet? From: vanuz · gvanuz·at&midd... ...k Submitted January 20th 2010 I have to correct myself. The material used for the Fluff isn't SLF - but STF Synthetic Translucent Fibre . Sorry - some...

92. IFTS 2007 - Show - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher IFTS 2007IFTS 2007 - Show - Global FlyFisher First published November 18th 2007 More about: Fly tying Ifts Shows Reports <!--

93. What we read right now - List of all reviews - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher What we read right nowWhat we read right now - List of all reviews - Global FlyFisher <!-- Please help us! Check that this page

94. GFF Summit 2006 - This is a first! Not that we GFF partners haven?t fished with each other and with a lot of you GFF visitors, but we have never set up a formal meeting. - Global FlyFisher

...r comments From: David Swain &middot; wdswain&middot;at&middot; Submitted September 17th 2006 Martin Hope the fish-in w... ...nolting&middot;at&middot; Submitted September 8th 2006 Hi there, now it's only a couple of days to the GFFsummit and I'm very exited to meet and... you soon From: Kai Nolting &middot; kai-nolting&middot;at&middot; Submitted September 5th 2006 Hi Florian, I've jus... ...y via Email From: Florian &middot; Florian.Vogt&middot;at&middot; Submitted August 29th 2006 If someb...

95. Tom's reel - The design and making of homemade fly fishing reels. A wonderful hobby beside fly fishing itself. - Global FlyFisher

... comments From: Henk van Bork &middot; vanborkd&middot;at&middot; Submitted May 9th 2011 Hi Tom, Outstanding design reel, a piece of art and ... ...Submitted May 9th 2011 Hi Tom, When you showed me your new reel at the club I was deeply impressed. I knew your abilitys, I've seen your other reels, ... ... what a beauty! From: Tom Biesot &middot; tomfo&middot;at&middot; Submitted May 8th 2011 Hello Chris, I am pleased that you liked the reel ,y... ...ot; tomfo&middot;at&middot; Submitted May 8th 2011 Hello Korrie, It is nice to hear that you liked the article so much, it was a lot of work ...

96. Hyper-Compleat Principles of Leader Design - The most comprehensive tool for calculating classical and contemporary leaders - and designing your own formulas for knotted leaders - Global FlyFisher

...ced User comments From: jake &middot; jaalf21&middot;at&middot; Submitted November 5th 2005 Yes im fishing ... ... leader. From: Walter K &middot; free2fish37&middot;at&middot; Submitted October 2nd 2005 Dear M... ...ry much Walter K From: c. kahle &middot; kahlecel&middot;at&middot; Submitted August 14th 2005 Simply put. thank you. When ... ...teelhead. From: jim smagala &middot; jsmagala&middot;at&middot; Submitted August 2nd 2005 Terrific information on leaders. Thanks Want to c...

97. Tigerfish in South Africa - Tigerfish from my Verandah - Where are the days when tigers where tigers? - Global FlyFisher

... start ^ User comments From: NiC &middot; nic&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 24th 2007 WOW, great photos : From: Kasp... Mühlbach Submitted January 20th 2007 Fantastic pictures and a great read! From: Leonard &middot; Leonard&middot;at&middot; Submitt... ...hose Tigers From: Vilmos Varga &middot; flyfish&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 19t... ... From: Ripley Davenport &middot; admin&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 19th 2007 Spectacular! Truly enl...

98. 10 rules for catch and release - Catch, kill, release or not fish at all? A personal view on C&R. - Global FlyFisher

... to kill a Danish brown trout from a local stream. These streams are often submitted to a lot... ...comments From: Kelvin Kleinman &middot; kkrvp&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 11th 2010 diffenately a hottly debated topic... ...course From: Korrie Broos &middot; korrie&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 11th 2010 I wonder what PETA'... ... Joergensen &middot; martin&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 10th 2010 Paul, Thanks! You and I have fished together and we both ...

99. What we read right now - List of all reviews - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher What we read right nowWhat we read right now - List of all reviews - Global FlyFisher <!-- Please help us! Check that this page

100. Brown Spinner - My old favorite - Global FlyFisher

...iddot;GMAIL.COM Submitted June 23rd 2010 Good work Kasper!! Could work on the Lima Stream!! From: Glenn &middot; g.parkin&middot;at&middot; ...t, Thank you From: Ddevil00 &middot; Ddevil00&middot;at&middot; Submitted June 1... ...omment From: Kasper Mühlbach &middot; kasper&middot;at&middot; Submitted June 19th 2010 Thanks guys. It's always nice to get feed-back.... ... From: kelvin &middot; pugetsoundflatwing&middot;at&middot; Submitted June 17th 2010 VERY NICE TIE! From: Alan Petrucci &middot; uppahdam&m...

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