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1. 2500 sea trout! - If you want to lie about your catches, you might as well do it properly. Here's a story about how not to do, and a tool to help you. - Global FlyFisher

...break out the calculator. 10 years is the same as 3650 days - roughly. 2500 divided by 3650 is equivalent to 0.7, or three-quarters of sea trout per d... ...the decade. + My own numbers - all included Martin Joergensen The fish calculator Fish per day Days per year Fish per year Years Fish in years Recalcu... ... made a small tool that you can use for your own calculations. The calculator will try its best to give you the numbers. Simply enter your numbers - t...

2. GFF might have ads! - We're breaking the oath that we have sworn so many times. GFF needs money and might soon start having ads. - Global FlyFisher

...xpect us to make a profit. Heck, typing our domain into one of the revenue calculators online tells me th...

3. The Hyper-Compleat Guide to Getting Started in Flytying - Global FlyFisher

... tie per year to make a go of it. Just so you don't have to break out your calculator, that's 5...

4. Global Fly Fisher, Rod review, Sirrus Co-Matrix 9' 6wt

.... 89130 Ph: 1-702-395-2173 E-mail: Put away your calculators, the Modulu...