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Published Dec 31st 1969

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From: Gregg Martin · gdjrb·at·q.com  Link
Submitted September 25th 2011

Captain Rose,

Here in Idaho where I fish for carp one not be able to see carp to catch them. However signs of feeding carp are necessary, here, particularly bubbles as a fish roots on the bottom, and occasionally muds or both. We use a small foam indicator with a fly underneath the depth of the water, a hook up design or a favorite of mine, a large egg pattern. The bubbles will stop and resume, indicating the path of the fish. If you have the depth correctly figured out this method just works, very well. When that indicator dives things get exciting. Another method I use but few of my crowd do as it can be slow, is to drag a hook up design over a clean bottom on a full sink line. This does work, inch the fly back ever so slowly and really try to feel the take, than slip strike. This method I use especially for very early carp in some local ponds in March, when they rarely show themselves other than by their leaping. Other wise I agree with everything in this finne article!


From: Everglades_Angler · james·at·powerlife.net  Link
Submitted July 23rd 2010

Flies are nice for fun, but vanilla cornmeal balls are a sure strike for carp.

mix cornmeal, flour, corn starch with real vanilla extract and hot water. form into balls powder with starch and (somehow) manage to keep it on a hook for a cast. The carp will strike, no doubt.

From: Anonymous  Link
Submitted April 28th 2010

Foxee Red Clousers work really well for carp and reds plus trout and smallies. carry a foxee and a few buggers and you will be set

From: texasflycaster · sd·at·shannondrawe.com  Link
Submitted March 9th 2010

Sweet! We have a bit of that down this way too. And I can say it is good practice for saltwater redfish.

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