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Twined or furled leaders

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Step four - twisting

By Henk Verhaar

You now have the two halves sitting as sets of connected loops on the leader board. Refer to figure 4 for this part of the procedure. Attach a lead weight to each of the lower sets of loops, by means of the paperclip attachment. Then gently slide the sets of loops off the plugs, starting at the lower plugs and working upwards. Now grab one of the lead weights by the anchors and start twisting it clockwise, as seen from below, until it is 10 % shorter than it was, using the line drawn across the board as a reference.


Fasten the lead weight to the board, by means of a rubber band or pin and twist the second set of loops, by means of the second lead weight, IN THE SAME DIRECTION. THIS IS ALSO ESSENTIAL! Make it the same length as the first one and attach the lead weight to the board.

Now with the two lower ends firmly attached transfer the two top end loops, one by one, and very carefully, to the middle hook. Use e.g. a heavy darning needle, or a splicing needle for this. With the two halves transferred to the middle hook, tranfer the 'paperclip' of one of the lead weights to the small end loop of the other half leader, then remove the second 'paperclip' and transfer the lead weight from this 'paperclip' to the one attached to both leader halves. Now detach the bottom ends of the leader from the board, and place the board so that the leader will hang down undisturbed. You'll notice that it'll start to twist 'back' resulting in a twined leader.
Wait until the lead weights stop spinning and come to a full rest. Treat the upper and lower loops with superglue to seal the two halves together. Detach the lead weights from the leader and the leader from the hook and shake a few times to remove residual twist strain.

User comments
From: steve smith · steve·at·  Link
Submitted April 20th 2008

can you please provide more details of how to braid in a loop once you have your furled leader?

thank you

From: Vladimir · oholidzo·at·  Link
Submitted March 25th 2008

it is not very clear to me how to put tension on the half leader?
thanks in advance

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