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By Martin Joergensen

My kayak endeavor actually started in a float tube. Fishing from places other than the shore or shallows gave me a taste for moving about in more than one direction when I was fishing. Up and down the bank was not enough. I wanted to get out too. The tube was neat, the kayak is ideal.

From tube to kayak
My kayak - My sit-on-top kayak is very convenient to get in and out of, easy to put on a car top and a great vessel to fish from.
My kayak
Float tube - I used to do a lot of float tubing. The tube is real handy when it comes to transportation and packing, but when it comes to moving on the water the kayak is so much faster.
Float tube
I used to fish a lot from a float tube. I do not any more.
Sure, the tube is a great way to fish. It opens new water to you and brings you places that you could only dream about when you were wading or fishing from the bank.
But even though the float tube is a versatile and very useful vessel, it has some drawbacks. The most important one is speed - or lack of same.
In my kayak I can move along much faster than in the tube. Actually even faster than when walking on the bank. I often find myself taking the kayak to places where I intend to wade just because it brings me to new places so fast.
The kayak is heavy and hard to handle alone, and you cannot pack it on a horse or in the trunk of a car. But if you have access to a car with a carrier on the roof, driving with a kayak upside down on the car is no problem. And modern kayaks are so lightweight that you should be able to tumble them by yourself.

It is all about kayaking
This article will help you select a kayak for fishing, try to teach you some tricks that will make fishing from it a great experience, and try to tell you about some of the precautions you have to take when heading out in a kayak.
You might have a kayak already. You might have a friend who has one. But you might still never have thought about combining kayaking and fly fishing.

The article is divided into three parts:
1) Selecting and preparing a kayak... and yourself...
2) Safety when kayaking
3) Flyfishing from a kayak ...and selecting the right flyfishing gear.

A good book
Many books have been written on the subject of kayaking, but to my knowledge only one deals mainly with fishing, and that is Ken Daubert's "Kayakfishing: The Revolution". You can read a review of the book in our book section.
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User comments
GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted May 30th 2007


Even though I do not have my kayak any more, I would love to do a recording on kayak fishing. I could - amongst other things - explain why I sold it...


From: Jeff Row · jlrow·at·cox.net  Link
Submitted May 30th 2007

Dear Mr. Joergensen,

I found your kayak flyfishing article very interesting. I have also greatly enjoyed your podcasts. Would you please consider recording a podcast on this subject also?

Best Regards,
Jeff Row
Mission Viejo, California, USA

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