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The most comprehensive tool for calculating classical and contemporary leaders - and designing your own formulas for knotted leaders

By Steve Schweitzer

LeaderCalc Support

LeaderCalc is warranted for use as developed and tested. Microsoft Office 97 or Microsoft Excel 97 (or later) or a similar spreadsheet program like OpenOffice is required to use LeaderCalc. Other specific system requirements and development notes are found in the LeaderCalc help document. Links to all required files found below.

NOTICE: Direct all user comments, feedback and problem reports to Martin.

Steve Schweitzer cannot respond to all emails. Problem or error reports will take priority.

Distribution and use policy

LeaderCalc and this article (Files) are copyrighted property of S. Schweitzer and The Global Fly Fisher (GFF), 1999.  The Files are designed for personal use and are distributed free-of-charge for a single personal use installation.  At no time will the Files be made available or packaged for resale.  The Files are exclusive property of GFF and are to be exclusively distributed by GFF and may not be distributed in part or in whole by any other electronic means, including but not limited to, personal website distribution, diskette or re-writeable CD-ROMs. Hyperlinks to GFF to access the Files from personal websites or other HTML-based forms is acceptable.  Bulk or multiple-copy distribution rights for non-profit clubs & organizations by prior written consent only.

By downloading any version of LeaderCalc, you agree to the terms above.

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