LeaderCalc for every PC or Mac - LeaderCalc leader tool - Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of the most popular formula combinations

By Steve Schweitzer

A screen shot of LeaderCalc in MS-Excel. 

Want to use LeaderCalc but don't have access to MS-Excel?
No problem!
We at GFF recognize that many of you have been missing out on the extensive capabilities of LeaderCalc in helping you design your own tapered mono leaders.
Below are 300 of the most popular formula combinations in English and Metric conversions. We've even included a PDF file for your own custom leader package labels.
Now everyone can have access to one of The Global Fly Fisher's most popular features of all time! Enjoy!

English Versions
207k each
8 ft
9 ft
10 ft


Metric Versions
207k each


You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader...

Click to go to Adobe's site

Below, we've provided 300 of the most popular leader-tippet combinations in English and Metric conversions! You'll be required to have Adobe*Acrobat Reader installed on your PC, but again, no worries! It's freely available by clicking the link above.


How To Use LeaderCalc QwikCalc!

Once Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your machine, click on the leader-tippet combination you prefer and just print it out! It's just like having the full-blown verison of LC on your machine!


How To Use the Custom Leader Package Labels
  Want your own custom leader package labels too?! Again, once Adobe Acorbat Reader is installed on your computer, click on the label icon below and print them out!

pdf Labels

Then hand-write in the pertinent information. You now have your own personalized Labels. It's easy as that!



Q: What does LeaderCalc have that the PDF files don't?
A: LeaderCalc can generate leader combinations from 05X-8X and lengths from 4' (1.2m) to 17' (5.2m) in 1/2 foot (.15m) increments. LC can generate more customized leader package labels and allows for your own custom leader sleeve notes. LCr3 also provides detailed information on 19 of the most popular monofiliaments. All-in-all, LCr3 can generate over 1,500 different formula combinations whereas you get only 300 in LC-QwikCalc!.

Q: Is LeaderCalc free? And how about the PDF files?
A: Absolutely yes...forever. It took over 2 years of R&D to collect the formulas and develop the LC formula generation engine...all for you to enjoy a the click of a mouse button!

Q: Is LeaderCalc Open Source?
A: Absolutely no...forever! That's our secret how we developed the formula generation engine and how we store the formulas in our custom database...but if you're an Excel whiz, you could probably replicate it. It will take you some time, though; It took us several months of programming alone.

Q: What if I have problems with LeaderCalc on Excel or with the PDF files?
A:Go to the FishBetter forum and post your question. Support will be limited to functionality of LeaderCalc alone. We avoid supporting MS-Excel and Adobe Acrobat; we just aren't good techie help-desk types! See Microsoft's site (Excel) and Adobe's site (Acrobat Reader) for support and proper usage on these packages.

User comments
From: JohnMD1022 · JohnMD102·at·  Link
Submitted November 13th 2011

I recommend Foxit Reader from

It's much faster and smaller than Adobe. It's freeware.

From: Paul Kalbrener · PHKalbrener·at·  Link
Submitted June 30th 2010

Walter, I'm no computer genius, but when I open the PDF file, and go to tools, and then zoom, even with my poor eye sight its readable.

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted June 30th 2010


Since the charts are made as PDF-files, you can just zoom in. Your PDF-reader has a zoom function, and you can get the fonts (almost) as big as you want. If you print the, well, you either have to get some bigger paper or use several sheet. The wide spreadsheets simply won't fit if the font gets too large.


From: Walter Nolan · thisismeo·at·  Link
Submitted June 30th 2010

When the type is too small to read .. the chart is USELESS!

From: Jonathan Parkes · jparkes60·at·  Link
Submitted March 8th 2006

I'm not understanding why many rows in leader-calc do not contain formulas. There is one out of five Borger formulas that I can see. Help!

From: Larry T. Hunt · lthunt·at·  Link
Submitted March 7th 2006

The "LeaderCalc" would really be a great tool if I could download it so I could read it. I do have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on my system, problem is the print is so small I can hardly make it out. When I try to enlarge the image and print it in landscape mode it will not let me, any suggestions? Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

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