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    Letters and words about our favorite passtime - on paper

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    Standing in a stream waving a stick

    - Essential Saltwater Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=251)
    A very nice book with a great selection of traditional saltwater patterns, richly illustrated with step-by-step photos. Not a coffee table book in any sense, but an excellent beginner\'s title.

    More suggestions...

    - Mustad hooks (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/gear/mustad/)
    "...my hats off to the folks at Mustad for having the ability and willingness to make a change." GFF partner Bob Petti has had a look at the new Mustad Signature series and parts wth a Global Class mark for the new, improved and very consistently produced hooks - with a naming convention, which is a blessing to fly tyers.

    - Turbo Block (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/tyingtools/dubbingblock/)
    Siman Ltd. has taken the Turbo dubbing twister a step further with this tool, which enables you to easily make your own dubbing brushes - stiff or soft and from almost any dubbing material.

    - Videos (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/video/)
    To quote Chauncey Gardiner: We like to watch

    - East Branch Rod (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/rods/eastbr/)
    \"I had heard about East Branch\'s $20 \"test drive\" program so I gave them a call. Sure enough, come the Friday before opening day, the mailman delivered a large tube with a pair of fly rods.\" Read Bob Petti\'s review of the 9\' 3pc GTX 6wt.

    - Streamer Video (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/video/martinek.html)
    Of the numerous videotapes available to aid and instruct the tyer in the various fly types, relatively few fall under the category of the streamer fly. For the streamer-fanatic, to have another tape available on the subject is a treat. Read Chris Del Plato\'s review of this new video by Mike Martinek.

    - Waterworks ULA reel (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/reels/ula/)
    Larger arbor reels are much touted as the best thing since sliced bread. A reel that\'s designed and tooled like the ULA reel just might be - but not because of the large diameter spool.

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    All that must-have stuff reviewed

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    reviews of and articles about fly tying tools from different manufacturers.

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    A short story about the book review section.

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    Our list of book reviews.

    - Tough rod! (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/rods/sirrus12wt/)
    You do not get to fish a 12 weight one hand rod every day. GFF partner Martin Joergensen has had the pleasure of field testing a Sirrus 12 wt - an impressing rod at a very good price.

    - Lines... (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=39)
    \"This is a wonderfully well written book, with a fascinating mix of adventures and characters. Do yourself a favor - get yourself something to drink, go plop in your favorite comfy chair, and open up to the first page. You won\'t be sorry.\"

    - Drag-Free Drift (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=40)
    \"I must say - I was surprised to encounter a pretty wide ranging set of topics in a book about drifting flies, and more gory detail than I thought possible\" GFF partner Bob Petti reviews a book entirely about leaders.

    - Big Fish! (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=41)
    \"A good book, filled with practical information gathered from years of research and discussions with fellow anglers. If you want to know more about trout, this is a terrific resource.\" says GFF partner Bob Petti about this book devoted to catching big trout.

    - Advanced Fly Tying (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=36)
    \"What\'s really cool is that even if you disagree with him, he forces you to think about why you disagree with him and you end up learning something anyway. You can\'t really ask for more than that\". Review by Bob Petti.

    - The Paraloop Way (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=37)
    I believe the highest complement one tyer can pay to another is to add the other\'s patterns to their own working set of flies. In that respect, I will be honoring Mr. Moutter many times this season and for years to come. Bob Petti passes along a global class score.

    - Orvis Fly Tying Guide (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=38)
    Beginners: The Orvis Fly Tying Guide continues the tradition of Orvis \"guide\" books aimed at helping those new to the sport get a head start on a lifetime of learning. Read Bob Petti\'s review here.

    - Pop Fleyes (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=33)
    \"When reading this book, you get the impression that the authors are proud of their work and they know that they have written an above-standard-book\". Reviewer Kasper Mühlbach honors Bob \"Pops\" Popovics\' and Ed Jaworowski\'s book with the best grade: Global Class. Read the review here.

    - Shrimps&Speys (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=34)
    "It continues page after page. Shrimps, grubs, Speys... shrimps again... more speys. Modern ones. Classic ones. I have always loved these particular types of flies, and there I am. Kid in a candy store... Dracula in a blood bank..." Read martin Joergensen's review of Shrimp & Spey Patterns.

    - Bonefishing! (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=25)
    Randall Kaufmann sets new standards within contemporary fly fishing literature with his masterpiece on bonefishing. GFF partner Martin Joergensen has taken a virtual daydream trip to all the greatest bonefish destinations in the world. Read his review.

    - Beginner's luck (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/mann/)
    European authors Chris Mann and Terry Griffiths angle for a new spin on beginner flytying books. With barely a photograph and just a small piece on materials and tools, see why this book gets a rare score on the GFF Review scale. GFF partner Steve Schweitzer reviews the book.

    - Rod building (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/kirkman/)
    Tom Kirkman's book "Rod Building Guide" is a cover-to-cover brain dump of the author's experience building all manner of fishing rods. He doesn't tell the reader as much how to do things, as he does why, and almost as importantly, why not. Read Bob Petti's review here.

    - Beyond beauty (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/mckfrancis/)
    "Land of Little Rivers, A Story in Photos of Catskill Fly Fishing" by Austin McK. Francis scores a Global FlyFisher Global Class mark in Bob Petti's review. Read about the book whose beauty is only exceeded by the majesty of the subject.

    - Absolute hilarity (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/pratt/)
    Combine the practicality of Sheridan Anderson, The witty prose of John Gierach and the comedic illustration of Gene Trump and you have the only Alan Pratt book ever published. Click here to read why this book surpasses simple flyfishing comedy into absolute hilarity. A genuine 6 on the GFF scale!

    - A Perfect Book (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/abrames/)
    For the first time ever we pass out a score of 6 in a review. Ken Abrames\' book \"A Perfect Fish\" is pure Global Class! A wonderful journey through fly tying, art, poetry, facts and fishing methods. A book that can inspire all fly fishers - not only those who fish for stripers. Read the review here.

    - The Riffling Hitch (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/lee/)
    A whole book about a very special fishing technique for salmon and steelhead by one of the sport's most well known authors.

    - Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/marriner/)
    Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies by Paul Marriner should not be viewed as simply a book.

    - Spanish fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/gil.html)
    Spanish flies are different! At least the ones that are shown in this book. The flies that this book treats are not only tied in a very special fashion, but almost all use Coq de Leon feathers.

    - The South African Fly Fishing Handbook (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/riphagen/)
    When Dean Riphagan's book, "The South African Fly Fishing Handbook" arrived at my doorstep, I could only imagine what was inside the package. Would the book contain some patterns I could use in the States? Would the book contain some tips or re-enforcing basics that everyone could use? How about pictures of trout in Africa?

    - Atlantic Salmon Handbook (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bodo/)
    Although this book is riddled with errors it does convey the basic information that a beginning Atlantic salmon fisher would need.

    - Surf zone fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/hanley1.htm)
    We at GFF wish that more people made books like this: small and affordable and right on the target. Ken Hanley\'s small classic has been reprinted

    - Distant Waters (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/atkinson1.html)
    You\'ll be enchanted and tempted by R.Valentine Atkinson\'s book with pictures of fly fishing destinations all over the world and thrilled and entertained by the accompanying texts written by the greatest contemporary writers. Read the full review here.

    - Goats and lakes (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/lafontaine.html)
    Imagine a serious book where the smartest dog in the world and several pack goats all named Rufus play a major role! Such a book can't be boring. Gary LaFontaine's book Fly Fishing High Mountain Lakes is excellent - educating and entertaining.

    - Striper anthology (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/waldman1.html)
    My knowledge of the American striper heritage is not very profound, but I trust that the representatives of the literature that Waldman has chosen for his book Stripers, An Angler\'s Anthology are adequate. Read the full review here.

    - 500 tying tips (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/stewart1.html)
    This book is a collection of hundreds of small tying tips gathered during Dick Stewart's career as an editor of American Angler and Fly Fish America. Read the review here.

    - Euro flyfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/morgan1.html)
    A project such as this excellent book is often referred to as a soup stone project. This refers to the fact that it's built from scratch by contributions from many people.

    - Rainshadow Xcel (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/rods/rainshadow/)
    Not only do all the major rod companies sell their blanks, there are several companies that produce and sell only blanks. Where to begin? Rainshadow might be one choice. Great, afordable blanks.

    - Catch that fish! (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=35)
    With a subtitle such as \"The essential guide to fly fishing tactics\" and cover texts such as \"When to fish and where to cast\" and \"How to match the perfect fly\" the promises are piling up in this wonderful book from 1999.

    - John Randolph (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=44)
    If you want to know who's who and where's where, John Randolph is the guy to learn from. If there's anyone he hasn't fished with, and anywhere he hasn't fished, I'd be mighty surprised. But can he write?

    - St. Croix Legend Ultra (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/rods/sc_ultra/)
    St. Croix has long been known for superior spin-fishing rods... until know. Read the review here.

    - Float'n'tote (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/gear/floatntote/)
    I am not one much for buying a lot of flyfishing accessories, so when the HSI Float-n-Tote rod holder arrived at my front doorstep to review, I was sceptically intriqued. I have never had much use for a float tube rod holder since most of my float tube fishing is done in litle ponds and near shore on lakes. However, the perfect trip was coming up to test out the rod holder system.

    - Production Fly Tying (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/best1.htm)
    The fascinating thing about AK is, that you start believing him and that many of his methods make sense. His approach is very personal, and he doesn't try to hide this.

    - Glimpses of Maine's Angling Past (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/wilson.html)
    This is a very unique and interesting little book. No fly patterns. No fishing techniques. It is basically what the title implies - a portal into the past of one of the most historically significant states in the U.S. with regards to fishing and in particular, fly-fishing.

    - Tying Foam Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/morris1.html)
    What stirred my interest in this book was Charles Garwood\'s article on foam flies for panfish. In this he mentions Skip Morris as his inspiration. During a recent visit in Seattle I stumbled over the book, and as it\'s absolutely reasonable priced and looked very interesting, I immediately bought it.

    - A.K.'s Fly Box (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/best2.htm)
    A.K. should be fairly well known. The term \'production fly tyer\' is very suitable for him. He counts his flies in hundreds of dozens and has before demonstrated his ability to write books about this kind of tying. In this book he reveals the contents of his own fly boxes. They contain a lot of brown trout flies - no salt water patterns, no poppers, no bass flies. There are a few hoppers and ants, but apart from that it\'s mayflies, stoneflies a caddises.

    - Float Tube Magic - A Fly Fishing Escape (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/pothier1.htm)
    . This time it\'s float tubing. It\'s a basic book, that treats the subject from the bottom: considerations before buying, selecting a tube and other equipment, getting \'on board\', strategies and much more. On top of that comes a more general section on trout food and flies.

    - Fly Fishers Guide to Saltwater Naturals and their Imitation (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/roberts2.htm)
    If you ever want to know the \'entomology\' of the salt water prey species, this is a good place to look. You will become a very educated salt water fisherman if you read and understand these sections. This will fortunately not be so hard, because even though Roberts has a very scientific way of treating his subject, it\'s not hard to read and undterstand the book.

    - The Essence of Flycasting (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/krieger1.htm)
    This book is very stylish, kind of mellow in the visual tone and held in beautiful B/W. People who have met Krieger (or seen his videos) will know that he is not excactly B/W. On the opposite: he\'s a colorfull, enthusiastic, noisy, acting-all-kinds-of-roles type of instructor.

    - The art of the trout fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/dunham1.htm)
    Seriously. This is a book that I like just to touch. The print renders the photos in an excellent quality, and leaves the reader with a feeling that the flies are as textured, translucent and subtle as they actually are.

    - Flytyers Masterclass (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/edwards1.htm)
    When you take into consideration the size and volume of this book: large format and app. 250 pages, and the fact that it \'only\' deals with 20 flies, it should be obvious that each fly is described in minute details. And it sure is.

    - Aquatic trout foods (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/whitlck1.htm)
    The book is actually quite systematic. Dave Whitlock deals with all important fresh water trout food species; from mayflies, caddisflies and stoneflies to fish, scuds, shrimps and leeches. Every group is descibed in detail: life cycle, which is very important to understand -- especially when it comes to insects, morphology, habitus and how to imitate them.

    - How to dress salmon flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/p-t1.htm)
    This is a very quotable book. I like short, concentrated books, that don\'t waste too much time on repetitions and smalltalk. Mr. Pryce-Tannatt is a writer just after my heart, when it comes to that. He does not beat around the bush and talk in length about things that don\'t concern the subject.

    - Striper Moon (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/abrames.htm)
    This small book has made me a striper fan. The subtitle gave me the first hint that this would be interesting: \'Fly Fishing Techniques and Flies for Striped Bass in Estuary, River, Bay and Surf\'. Being a salt water FF\'er myself, any FF-title, that doesn\'t include the word \'stream\' is interesting. Estuary, River Bay and Surf. I fish almost exclusively in bay and surf, and this kind of fishing seems little known elsewhere.it even says

    - The World's Best Trout Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/roberts1.htm)
    This is a book that I bought when attending a very well set up fly tying arrangement here in Denmark just after new year, and already at the arrangement I met two of the tyers featured in the book: Oliver Edwards (UK) and Mogens Espersen (Denmark).

    - Micropatterns (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/martin1.htm)
    With this book you get your moneys worth in weight. The book is a large format book with more than 300 pages. The size alone can make this book a bit scary, and innocent flytyers who leaf through it, will probably be intimidated by the huge volume of information.

    - C&F tube body tool (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/tyingtools/cf_extended/)
    The C&F extended tube body tool is more than two darning needles in a fancy holder. If you - like Dutch Henk Verhaar - like doing it yourself, this might be worth looking into. The flies tied with extended bodies can become very realistic and still be simple to tie.

    - Kayakfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=45)
    Author Ken Daubert has written an excellent and enthusiastic book on kayak fishing with all necessary information on kayaks, safety and lots of fishing fun.

    - Kreh on casting (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=42)
    If, while fishing, you have to deal with wind coming from various directions, you have to make a quick cast to a specific target, change direction, or cast for a bit of distance, this book by Lefty Kreh will teach you a thing or two.

    - Advanced Kreh (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=43)
    I wouldn't expect to see the definition of double taper or weight forward lines in an "advanced techniques" book. That is pretty basic stuff. Would I expect to see a discussion of the merits of a large arbor reel vs standard arbor? Yeah. In this book, however, we got the former but not the latter.

    - Sullys Rod Drying Motor (http://globalflyfisher.com/rodbuilding/reviews/sully.php)
    I don\'t expect much from a rod drying motor. It should turn smoothly and hold a rod section securely while it turns. Bumps and wobbles and starts and stops are most unwelcome. Sections that come loose and stop turning are definite no-nos. An on-off switch is nice

    - Lee Wulff (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=20)
    Lee Wulff was a quintessential fly-fisherman. From earliest childhood growing up in Alaska, Lee and the outdoors were two intertwined threads in the pattern of a long and accomplished life.

    - Building a Bamboo Fly-Rod (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=10)
    With the publication of the authors' book a new star has risen in the craft of fly-rod building. The book is clearly written with excellent editing and superb layout and design.

    - Fabulous British videos (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=49)
    These videos are the best fly tying and fly fishing videos I have ever seen, period! Oliver Edwards is an extraordinarily good fly tier and instructor, but first and foremost is he an extremely entertaining and pleasantly knowledgeable person to listen to.

    - Cheap & fun little book (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=48)
    Want a great and affordable gift for a flyfisherman… or a little treat for yourself? Here is good suggestion: a fun little book, written by a man with stories to tell and a big heart for humour, fishing and rod building. And the book is only 10 US dollars!

    - Pacific Inshore (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=47)
    Compared to Hanley's previous Fly Fishing Afoot in the Surf Zone, this book has a lot more volume and a lot more content. Built along the same lines: instructive, insightful and well written. The new title manages to get around more types of fly fishing for traditional as well as almost unknown species.

    - The Curtis Creek Manifesto (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=50)
    Ever read any of Robert Crumb's underground comics? Or Gilbert Shelton's Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers? Liked them? Then you will probably love this book too.

    - Monic Light Green (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/gear/monic/)
    Cold weather lines are slowly becoming as common as the special lines for tropical fishing. GFF partner Martin Joergensen has fished one from Monic and liked it very much.

    - Choice pike fishing tool (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/rods/sirrus9wt/)
    The Sirrus COMATRIX 9 wt. is in many ways the perfect pike fishing tool - able to lift and cast large and heavy flies, and with one serious butt section. Dutch Henk Verhaar test fished it in his favorite pike waters and was very pleased.

    - Goddard's reflections (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=51)
    John Goddard's A Fly Fisher's Reflections is a compilation of his many magazine articles and essays published between the mid 1960's and the present day. Presented essentially unchanged from their original form, will these articles feel dated to today's readers?

    - Flies with CDC (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=52)
    We owe Leon Links a debt of gratitude for putting down in print the history of CDC in his book "Tying Flies with CDC". American tyers in particular owe Stackpole Books a similar debt for bringing this book, originally published in the UK, to our shelves.

    - Millenium flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=53)
    The intent of the book "Dry-Fly Patterns for the New Millenium" has been to capture the state of fly tying as we turned the calendar to a new century. Word spread about this effort, resulting in a huge variety of flies being submitted from literally every corner of the globe.

    - Gentlemen’s Society (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=46)
    At only 126 pages, this quick read will have your mind absorbed in the genesis and exodus of The Gentlemen’s Society of Angling. "It will have you quickly realize that flyfishing is a life’s sidebar that oftentimes guides innocent trouble aside and level sets our daily grind."

    - Trout from Small Streams (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=55)
    Fishing for trout on small streams is not about big fish, big hatches, and big money. It is about intimacy. It is about stealth and caution. Dave Hughes tells us that and much more.

    - Taking Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=56)
    This isn't an all-encompassing book on trout fishing. It won't take a beginner from choosing equipment to the first trout. Instead, it is a diverse collection of essays on varying topics that are meant to stand alone as individual lessons in the art of "Taking Trout".

    - LL Bean Book (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=57)
    The L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing is comprised of three previously published books - Dave Whitlock's Fly-Fishing Handbook, Macauley Lord's Fly-Casting Handbook, and Dick Talleur's Fly-Tying Handbook, all well known L.L. Bean publications.

    - Stalcup's Mayflies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=58)
    Shane\'s book is devoted to imitations imitations of each major stage of mayfly development - nymph, emerger, adult, and spinner - top to bottom as he says. For each section, he offers up several patterns, each with a introductory essay, step-by-step tying instructions, and a list of variations.

    - Great rod gizmo! (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/misc/rod_guard/)
    The Magnetic Rod Guard from Tight Line Enterprises will solve more than the problem of keeping your rod out of harms way while you finish up by your car. A neat and simple product to solve a very common problem.

    - Tying Flies the Paraloop Way (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/moutter/)
    My first thought was probably the same as yours - what is "paraloop"? Paraloop is part technique, part style. Take a piece of a parachute, a bit of a thorax dun, and some thoughts of a comparadun, mix, and you'll arrive at a paraloop.

    - Fly Rodding the Coast (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=59)
    No doubt that Ed Mitchell is an authority on coastal fishing. His 2002 book \"Fly Rodding the Coast\" is a large volume on the art of fishing from the shoreline. It covers close to all aspects of this type of fishing.

    - Imitative Fly Tying (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=60)
    Ian Moutter is back with a followup to "Tying Flies the Paraloop Way". Consider this an applied fly tying book, as you not only learn how to tie the flies, but also how they were designed, why they were designed, and how they may be fished.

    - Contemporary Saltwater Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=61)
    David Klausmeyer is the latest author of a book on tying flies for saltwater fly fishing. His book, Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies, offers excellent fly tying instruction as well as an impressive reference of fly patterns.

    - Lamiglas Appalachian (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/rods/lamiglas/appalachian.php)
    On your knees, casting to a small spot fifteen or twenty feet away. Float the line behind you and then "flick" the line foward. Man, I love this rod for that kind of fishing. It's like it knows what I want to do and casts a perfect narrow loop with impressive speed.

    - New Zealand Trophies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=62)
    It is the season for arm chair fishing and what better destination than New Zealand? GFF partner Martin Joergensen reveiws two excellent New Zealand videos which more than live up to their title: New Zealand Trophy Waters.

    - Salmon, Trout & Charr (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=63)
    A book called Salmon, Trout & Charr Of The World - A Fisherman's Natural History containing lots of tantalizing pictures and plenty text to have you reading for many a day at a bargain price. What more can you ask?

    - Three in Norway (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=64)
    A great book about Victorian Englishmen hunting and fishing in Norway. This edition with the original drawings - with map and fifty-nine drawings on wood from the original sketches by the author, as it says on the title leaf - is global class!

    - Rising Star (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/rods/allstar/)
    The Austin blanks from All Star Rods are quickly gaining a reputation among custom rod builders as being among the best performing blanks on the market, regardless of price. Bob Petti had a chance to build and fish a 4wt recently.

    - Soft-Hackles (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=65)
    This is the book that soft hackled aficionados have been waiting years to see. Not only is it chock full of wonderful patterns and photos of well tied flies, but it contains summaries of all the classic soft hackle texts.

    - Tying Emergers (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=66)
    Three hundred and forty four pages of emergers in this new title by Jim Schollmeyer and Ted Leeson. GFF partner Bob Petti concludes that if you have an interest in emergers, get a copy of this book. Leeson and Schollmeyer have done it again, as he writes.

    - 1000 best sites (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=67)
    If you had asked GFF partner Martin Joergensen a while back, he'd have answered that a book on web sites is a stillborn idea. End of story. Print stuff on web sites is bound to be outdated before the ink is dry. This book changed his mind on that.

    - Stillwater Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=68)
    Paul Marriner's Stillwater Fly Fishing can be recommended to any stream fisher who wants to expand the available fishing waters by orders of a magnitude - turn featureless discs into interesting fishing water. One of the best books on the subject.

    - Fisker tube tool (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/tyingtools/tubetool/)
    This Danish tool might be an alternative. In spite of some minor drawbacks, it's a very good tool at a very reasonable price.

    - Tying Small Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=69)
    Ed Engle has given us a real gem of a book on the art and science of small flies and small fly tying. Bob Petti thinks this is one of those rare books that will stand the test of time and be a major influence on fly fishers and fly tyers.

    - Spey Fly book (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=70)
    I have admired Bob’s tying for quite some time – as I always considered him one of those rare tyers whose flies are museum quality beautiful, yet they have the sleekness and symmetry of a well tied fishing fly

    - New Stuff (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/gear/blackduck/)
    It all started when I had to toss my bottle of Pharamcist's Formula in the trash. Scanning the net for a suitable replacement, I found a husband and wife team that are producing a bunch of interesting products for fly fishers and tyers.

    - Rod Magnets (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/misc/rod_holder/)
    "Your fly fishing life really first starts when you get a magnetic rod holder". Those are the words of GFF partner Martin Joergensen, who has used a set of Tightline Enterprises rod holders during this season, and has been very pleased.

    - Great Waters (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=71)
    The title of Dan Blanton's new book "Fly Fishing California’s Great Waters" indicates it might be interesting to a limited audience. Limiting the scope of a book to one US state might seem like a very tight limit. But when that state is California things change dramatically.

    - A smart spooler (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/misc/smartspooler/)
    The Smart Spooler is one of those gadgets that you didn't know you needed before you got it. The Smart Spooler is aimed primarily at aiding fly anglers in cleaning their lines, but the neatly designed and sturdy tool has several other purposes.

    - Innovative Saltwater Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=72)
    US based master fly tyer Bob Veverka has gathered together a whole bunch of very creative fly tyers to create a book that will appeal to all fly tyers, not just those who want to chase salty fish.

    - Biological Time (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=73)
    Have you ever wondered why the newspaper has those solunar tables in the outdoor section? Do you fish for migratory fish and wish you could predict when they would be in the river and be willing to take a fly? If so, you might enjoy this book.

    - Pallot´s Memories (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=74)
    This book reads "Memories, Mangrove and Magic" on the cover, and all that is well represented inside. The book is a beautiful journey in pictures, drawings and text through Flip Pallot's amazing fly-fishing adventures in places that most of us can only dream to go.

    - New Hooks (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/gear/partridge/)
    Partridge has come out with a new line of trout hooks called "Flashpoint". Most fly tyers are hook junkies, and Bob Petti is no exception, so he jumped at the chance to review these new hooks.

    - Streamers (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=75)
    This book is touted mainly as an instructional guide to tying the various styles of classic freshwater streamers. The hardcover layout is nice and easy on the eyes, with large color photos. It begins with some groundwork for tying streamers.

    - Adventurous rod (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=76)
    This book is a paradox. Not because of the content, which is both beautiful and fascinating, but because of the circumstances around it. The author fished 45 countries and states in 10 years, and this is the book about that adventure.

    - AquaFly flybox (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/gear/aqua_flybox/)
    Imagine an iMac of the first generation as a flybox: cool and soft shape, great color and translucent. That's what the AquaFly flyboxes are. GFF partner Martin Joergensen has been using one lately.

    - Saltwater Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=330)
    A nice book with a wealth of very different saltwater fly patterns from the Gulf coasts of the US. With contributions by a large number of well known and not so well known tyers.

    - Fishing Karma (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/misc/fishingmusic/)
    and GFF has found the perfect CD! From celtic to bluegrass to folk and acoustic jams, Fishing Music offers a unique mix of fishing music for everyone's tastes. Read on as GFF partner Steve Schweitzer shares how 

    - Flies from the Flyleaves of my Diaries (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/torp1.php)
    Preben Torp Jacobsen\'s book Flies from the Flyleaves of my Diaries, subtitled \"And further Notes of possibel Interest!\"

    - More Small Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=84)
    Ed Engle has given us the 2nd half of his treatise on small fly fishing, joining his prior work “Tying Small Flies” to give readers a true master’s course on the topic of angling with – well – small flies. Another must read.

    - Weird Ways (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=87)
    What can you get if you mount a giant sling on your Volkswagen Beetle? A sturgeon fishing gadget out of the ordinary! This is just one of the strange gizmoes and methods that John Waldman writes about in his book "100 Weird Ways to Catch Fish". Weird indeed!

    - Fly Fishing Mexico (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=85)
    This book on the Yucatan Peninsula by Argentinian anglers Juan Pablo Reynal and Daniel Beilinson is one of the most beautiful books we have ever reviewed on the Global FlyFisher! The sheer size makes it impressing, but the imagery is just beyond belief.

    - Fernández Fly-Fishing for Bonefish (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=86)
    Fernández is definitely one of the grand old men in bonefishing, and although his name is all over the bonefishing community, this is as far as reviewer Martin Joergensen knows his first book as an author.

    - Bonefishing the Flats (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=88)
    Craig Mathews usually does Montana and Yellowstone but also knows his bonefish. GFF partner Martin Joergensen writes "This is certainly one of the better DVD's I have watched lately, and definitely the best how-to DVD I have seen on bonefishing."

    - \"It\'s a small one\"
    The fish is fought to the boat and assessed.
    \"Eight-pound fish. And this fish is a minnow compared to those fish that we were casting at out there...\" ">Rising Tide
    \"What you got?\"
    \"It\'s a small one\"
    The fish is fought to the boat and assessed.
    \"Eight-pound fish. And this fish is a minnow compared to those fish that we were casting at out there...\"

    - Trout Grass (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=90)
    Trout grass is a nickname for bamboo and the title of this DVD, which takes you on a fascinating journey from east to west, from bamboo harvest to the building of a cane rod. Beautifully filmed, well narrated and perfectly edited, it earns a rare Global Class rating.

    - Bates' Art (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=94)
    Better late than never could be one way of putting it when you review a book originally published in 1989. Joseph D. Bates, author of the masterpiece Streamers, also wrote "The art of the Salmon Fly", which GFF partner Martin Joergensen has bought and read.

    - Spey & Dee (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=93)
    GFF partner Martin Joergensen writes: "...the often lightly dressed Dee and Spey flies with their long and swung back hackles and low riding wings are just soooo fishy!". That's why he finds John Shewey's book "Spey Flies and Dee Flies - Their History & Construction" interesting.

    - Hairwings & Tubes (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=92)
    With this book \"Hairwing & Tube Flies for Salmon\" Chris Mann has worked his way through yet another pile of flies sent to him from all over the world. And Chris Mann has done it again and provided us pattern-hungry fly tiers with a wealth of new patterns to inspire us.

    - Essential Patterns (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=95)
    It\'s clear at this point that if Oliver\'s name is attached to a product, then the quality is going to be high. That is certainly true of these new DVDs. He\'s a good story teller, a great fly tyer, and an exceptional teacher.

    - Warm Water (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=100)
    I’ve seen a few other self published books and they always seemed like something bound at a local Kinkos. Not so with Joe’s book. It’s every bit as professionally presented as any book by one of the big publishing houses.

    - Limestone Streams (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=99)
    Charles Meck is no stranger to fly fisherman as he’s been writing books about fly fishing since the 1960’s. His latest book tackles those most special of trout waters where hatches can be intense, the fish can be grow large, and the catching can be difficult.

    - Lefty on Bass (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=98)
    A few things you can count on when you read a book by Lefty – good stories, just-the-facts brevity, a conversation tone, and plenty of no-nonsense advice. Lefty continues this trend by filling the 143 pages with lots of his book with all of the above, and more.

    - Raymond Classics (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=97)
    The first time I opened this book was on Ogunquit Beach, the sun beating down, and a heavy surf crashing not far away. It’s not easy to imagine yourself being someplace else, when you’re exactly where you want to be, but that’s exactly what happened.

    - Bassin' (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=96)
    The book contains the information you would expect from a book on fly fishing for bass – bass bug tactics, water types, seasonal changes, but what separates this book are two chapters – one dealing with the fly fishing for bass, and one dealing with “bassin’”.

    - ZipCast (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/gear/zipcast/)
    When the bottle came in the mail, I got out an old hankie and wet a small bit and ran the line through the hankie a few times. Out to the yard to see how it cast. Hmm ... it was noticeably slicker and flowed through the guides with ease. Nice.

    - Lamiglas (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/rods/lamiglas/xmg50_blueridge.php)
    This past season, I had the pleasure of fishing rods built from two blanks from Lamiglas, the XMG50 and the "Blue Ridge". These two blanks are Ying and Yang, fast and slow, high modulus graphite and fiberglass. As different as can be.

    - Fishing calendar (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=101)
    Do you need a last minute Christmas gift idea for an angler? Well, Merlin's Daily Fishing Calendar could be a very good suggestion for such a gift. Few anglers would complain if Santa brought them this as a gift. Martin Joergensen has had look at this calendar.

    - Trout and Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=102)
    This is not a book you give to your rookie nephew who just took up fishing. If you’re a pragmatic type of angler you might also find it a bit too much. But if you really want to learn about trout fishing, this is a book definitely worth reading.

    - Fish Fights (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=103)
    This is a first! GFF partner Martin Joergensen read many books, which he had a hard time putting down, but never a fishing book. Not until this one at least. Bob “Bubba” Rich has managed to spellbind him with the story about the quest of getting into the Met Hall of Fame.

    - Patagonia (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=104)
    It is a stunning and mouth watering experience to let your fingers run through and your eyes run over this book. Not only are Francisco Bedeschi's images fantastic, but the landscapes and rivers they depict are nothing short of amazing.

    - The Cautery (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/tyingtools/cautery/)
    Martin Joergensen writes: "I always wanted one of these tools. I have seen them used at fly tying shows and by a few tyers elsewhere, and found the tool to be an excellent companion for the lazy and sloppy fly tyer. Just my kind of tool!"

    - The Technology of Fly Rods, by Don Phillips (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/phillips/)
    - TMC Wingburner (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/tmc-wingburner/)
    Tired of making wings with too many divertions from time to time? See if the new tool from TMC can help you burn the wings perfectly every time or if you still have to fold and cut like an used hair dresser.

    - Red Gold (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=192)
    A combination between a classical documentary and a fishing DVD dealing with a pebble mine project in Bristol Bay in Alaska and its potentally devastating influence on the environment and the fish - sockeye salmon - in particular.

    - South Africa (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=109)
    South Africa has a rich variety of fishing opportunities from saltwater over stocked reservoirs to streams in the mountains. Brown trout, rainbows, yellowfish, tigerfish and numerous saltwater species seem to be readily available in beautiful, lush nature.

    - Fish Flies I and II (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=108)
    An impressing couple of books. An encyclopedia of fly patterns, history and tying methods. Huge and with enormous amounts of material.

    - Western Rivers (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=107)
    Some books just have it all: great images, well written text, large format, beautiful typography and all the nice graphic details. But very few have gold print. This one has! And it deserves it. Ralph Kyllloe covers Western streams and lodges from Alaska to California.

    - Near & Far (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=106)
    GFF partner Martin Joergensen has been lucky enough to fish quite a lot of places in this world, and generally consider himself a well-travelled fly fisher. He feels that he lives up to the name of this site This book makes him humble in that respect.

    - Woolly Wisdom (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=105)
    A whole book about woolly Worms and Woolly Buggers! Whoa! And a good book too. And it has flies both by GFF staff and friends of GFF in it. That can't bad... Gary Soucie's Woolly Wisdom has more than 400 Woolly patterns on some 230 pages.

    - A New Generation (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=110)
    The book opens with a biography of Scott as it pertains to his involvement in the fly fishing industry. To this desk jockey – his life seems pretty darn cool. I mean – who doesn’t dream of working in a fly shop, 100% immersed in fly fishing on a daily basis?

    - Creative Fly Tying (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=111)
    While there are only 12 chapters in the book, each chapter is a gold mine of fly tying information. Each chapter takes us along for a ride on the development of the pattern, the genesis often being some frustrating fishing trips which make for some enjoyable reading.

    - Atlantic Salmon (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=112)
    The subtitle for this book is "An illustrated natural history", and that is exactly what it is. Author Malcolm Greenhalgh's text has all the facts you ever wanted to know about the Atlantic salmon and Rod Sutterby's illustrations are exquisite and his fishing pictures are fabulous.

    - Casting trio (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=123)
    Internationally reknown salmon guide Henrik Mortensen is your tutor in these three DVD\'s on casting and salmon fishing, which are quite an odyssey in the subject and at the same time a journey almost as far around the world as you can come.

    - Faults & Fixes (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=125)
    For those who have seen Mel Krieger—either in real life or on video—this is not new: the man is a one-man theater! Not only is he enthusiastic and entertaining, but he also takes on the role of the different types of casters.

    - Salmon flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=91)
    To review this book is like kicking in an open door - a door, which was opened a few decades ago. So many people have praised it before me, and its influence has been so phenomenal that anything but a Global Class score would make little sense.

    - Mullet fever (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=126)
    Danish Brian Kjaer has condensed his knowledge about the thick lipped mullet into this DVD, which is one long drive through a great type of fishing with lots of action, lots of tips and lots of sheer fun in fishing. After having watched this DVD you will definitely want to go fishing.

    - Trout Bum DVD (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=127)
    The Trout Bum Diaries marks a change in fishing DVD's as far as double reviewers Michael Smith and Martin Joergensen can see. They take their turns in reviewing this fast paced and extremely entertaining DVD. They agree that it may not be to everybody's taste but both love it.

    - Streams of Consciousness (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=130)
    It is with due caution that I compare Jeff’s writing in “Streams of Consciousness” with the classic “A River Runs Through It”. I don’t want to embarrass Jeff by comparing him to the great Norman Maclean, but I finished both books with that same feeling. “Wow”.

    - The Underwater World of Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=122)
    There is simply too much information in these DVD´s to condense in a single review. If a picture if worth a thousand words - then how much is a couple hours of moving pictures like these worth? More than I can guess.

    - Fishys Favorites (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=117)
    Jay "Fishy" Fullum is no stranger to readers of Fly Tyer and other flyfishing magazines. In fact, he's recently been named as the "artist in residence" for that magazine. It should come as no surprise, then, that Fishy's book relies on his art to tell the story of his flies.

    - Streamer Flies for Trophy Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=121)
    Kelly Galloup, author of "Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout", brings us a new DVD where he ties some of the flies from his book. With each fly, Kelly takes the time to explain the materials and techniques used to construct the fly, and we see every step along the way.

    - A Passion for Steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=132)
    Dec Hogan is well known in the fly fishing world as a master of the two-handed fly rod, but until I picked up "A Passion for Steelhead" I did not know much about Dec Hogan the angler. 313 pages later, that surely has changed.

    - Clousers Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=119)
    The bulk of the book deals with the different fly patterns that Bob has developed over the years, including of course the classic Clouser Deep Minnow, as well as some variations such as the Fir Strip Clouser, Rattle Clouser, Super Hair Deep Minnow, Half and Half, and so on.

    - Practical Fly Patterns (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=120)
    In this two volume set of DVDs, Charlie Meck, one of the most prolific writers in all of fly fishing, and Eric Stroup, professional guide and fly tyer, demonstrate some of their favorite patterns for fishing the famed spring creeks of Pennsylvania.

    - Yellowstone Ties (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=133)
    Bob Jacklin is one of a handful of true legends in Fly Tying, and certainly needs no introduction here. In this DVD, he ties six of his favorite flies for fishing western trout waters - Grey Wulff, Royall Wulff, March Brown Nymph, Green Drake, Platte River Special, and Great Western Stonefly.

    - Nymph-Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=134)
    Rick Hafele\'s been the entomology columnist for American Angler magazine for years, co-authored \"The Complete Book of Western Hatches\", and did the video \"Anatomy of a Trout Stream\". With \"Nymph-Fishing Rivers and Streams\", he brings it all together with an excellent textbook and a 72 minute DVD.

    - The Trout Whisperers (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=135)
    This is the first fly fishing novel I have ever read, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I’m also not a literary critic. The best I can offer is the perspective of the target audience – a fly fisherman who enjoys reading books.

    - The Rise (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=136)
    "The Rise" is Paul Schullery's latest book where he digs into many theories of fly fishing. With his typical well researched style, Schullery takes up an issue and heads to the library, figuratively if not literally. It is not only exceedingly well researched, it's a good read.

    - Summer in Europe (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=137)
    A Polish Fishing DVD is not something we see every day. Not that it's in Polish. It's actually in no particular language. Brothers Andrej and Peter Polcic take us on a universally understandable trip to some beautiful European rivers and catches some fish and some video.

    - The Hatch (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=142)
    Every summer the salmon flies hatch in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River, and this excellent DVD tells the story about the hatch, the guides and anglers and the threats to the river and this fantastic phenomenon. Martin Joergensen has watched the DVD.

    - Mel Kriegers Patagonia (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=131)
    The first words spoken on this DVD are: \"Every so often in life comes a person that is one step above the rest...\" and \"Not just any mortal...\". Martin Joergensen would have thought twice before he introduced anybody in angling with words like those - even Mel Krieger.

    - Kiwi Camo (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=143)
    The second chapter in Angling Exploration Group's fantastic travels, and just as entertaining and action-packed as their first adventure to Argentina. This time the bums go to New Zealand where they feast on NZ hospitality, lots of pasta and large trout in gin clear water.

    - Czech Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=149)
    Karel Krivanec has given anglers around the world the opportunity to learn about the history and techniques of tying and fishing Czech Nymphs, a subject that is fascinating to anglers around the world.

    - Soft-Hackled Nymphs (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=148)
    Allen McGee has given us a modern look at the ancient subject of tying and fishing wingless wet flies. With the support of outstanding camera work and excellent illustrations, he provides anglers both new and experienced with an excellent summary of the topic.

    - Nervous Water (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=152)
    Steve Raymond has given all fly anglers a treat with his latest book "Nervous Water", a collect of previously published or presented material, expanded and updated for today's fly angler. Many of the essays take a light hearted look at fly fishing and fishermen.

    - Urban angler (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=139)
    ron P. swegman has taken up fly fishing again, fishing a plain 5 weight rod, riding his mountain bike to the water, wading deep rocky pools in hip boots and not least: fishing a lowly city stream with the downtown skyline of a large metropolis in the background. He has written a book about it.

    - Tube Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=159)
    This is the all-time classical volume on tube flies, and as the subtitle \"A tying, fishing and historical guide\" implies it deals with all aspects of tube flies. If you are looking for a general introduction to tubes in book-form, this is the way to go.

    - Tube Flies Two (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=140)
    Tube fly books are few and far apart and the moment Martin Joergensen learned that this one was coming, he knew it was a must for him. Mark Mandell and GFF contributor Bob Kenly have gathered a bunch of the most innovative and influential tube fly tyers in this book.

    - Ten Flies Simple Ties (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=160)
    I'm sure newbies to fly tying feel an overwhelming sense of "what am I getting into?!?". Everything seems easy once you know how to do it, but that first step is always the most difficult. With "Ten Flies Simple Ties", Andrea and Glenn Van Benschoten are doing something about that.

    - Fly Fishing for Striped Bass (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=161)
    Wild River Press, the publisher behind this and a other new books, is setting the bar extremely high for the genre of fly fishing information books, where the author doesn\'t offer a quick overview but rather an in depth master\'s course. "Fly Fishing for Striped Bass" continues that trend, and in doing so kicks it up a notch. The author simply blew my socks off.

    - The Fly-Fishers Craft (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=147)
    I\'ve enjoyed all of Darrel Martin\'s fly fishing books, and "The Fly-Fisher\'s Craft" is no exception. In a world where it is often said that there is nothing new to write about fly fishing, Darrel always seems to find a new angle, a new approach, or some interesting research to offer his readers. His latest book takes us on a trip through history to look at the origins of the basic elements of fly fishing.

    - Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=157)
    With “Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth”, Bob Clouser offers a follow-up to his excellent book Clouser’s Flies, this time taking us on the stream and letting the reader pick the mind of an experienced and highly knowledgeable angler.

    - A Celebration (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=167)
    Personally Martin Joergensen has always carried a certain portion of envy when he leafs through books like this. Why isn\'t it him who has been to all these classical and historical places? After a while the enjoyment takes over and in the end the contemplation wins as he starts start reading the texts.

    - Fly Fishing and Fly Tying II (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=170)
    Many people complain that there is nothing new to say about fly fishing - that new books are just updates to old ideas. That may be true if you read only about fishing in your area. This book was written by anglers in the Czech Republic, and it was chock full of good advice and fresh ideas.

    - Charlie Craven’s Basic Fly Tying (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=175)
    Charlie Craven is no stranger to the online fly tying community, so the announcement of his new fly tying book was warmly received. Most of us have seen his online tutorials and could not wait to get our hands on an honest-to-goodness solid flesh-and-blood book of his tying.

    - LaFontaines Legacy (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=173)
    With LaFontaine’s Legacy, Al and Gretchen Beatty close the book on one of the most creative and innovative fly tying minds we’ve ever known. Gary wanted to publish one more work, capturing the new and changed flies he invented, but his illness would not let him. Al, Gretchen, and other friends took it upon themselves to finish what Gary started.

    - Trout Flies for the 21st Century (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=171)
    As first entry in the new “Fly Tyer” library of books, Dick Talleur gathers up new assortment of trout flies – a mix mash of classics and contemporary patterns, some well known some quite obscure. You’ll find a classic Grannom wet fly and a Royal Wulff, as well as flies with names like “The $3 Dip”.

    - The Graphite Fly Rod (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=166)
    A nicely produced DVD set (2 discs) covering in depth all aspects of building a graphite fly rod featuring Russ Gooding of Golden Witch Technologies. Gooding builds modern rods in the bamboo rod style. Very thorough and very instructive.

    - River Wolf (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=168)
    A fascinating journey in pursuit of the River Wolf - Taimen - the potentially huge Asian trout found in Mongolia and other faraway Asian countries. The Fish Bums (previously Trout Bums) are at it again with hair raising driving, fantastic fishing and videography beyond what we're used to see in fishing videos.

    - Mr. Hardy (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=177)
    Anybody who's into fly fishing will know Hardy. If you haven't heard about this famous British company, you must have grown up on a different planet - as a fly fisher, that is. This fantastic DVD entitled "The Lost World of Mr. Hardy" makes sure this world and its story is not lost.

    - The Search (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=178)
    Five NZ friends have obviously been surfing Google Maps too much, circling small spots in French Polynesia indicating probable bonefish spots. In spite of the improvisational philosophy of this project, the chances taken and the somewhat random events that are chained together in this film, it's become an excellent production.

    - Fly Fishing for Bonefish (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=165)
    This classical bonefish book from 1992 has now been totally revised to reflect the most recent development in bonefishing and has had a well deserved visual overhaul with more color photos and a very nice layout. The book is very hands on and practical in its approach.

    - Running down the man (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=158)
    Extremely short, but very entertaining story about a bunch of half crazy anglers that hunt for roosterfish from the beach of the Baja Mexico. Made in a contemporary, fast paced and action filled manner with only little emphasis on facts and fishing methods but a lot of emphasis on the rush of chasing and catching these magnificent fish.

    - Make 'Em Swim (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=176)
    Swedish Michael Frödins newest DVD about his FITS tube fly system and the new turbo discs, which make the flies vibrate, pulse and move more water than using a traditional cone. The fly comes more alive, but are they more fish catching? At least eye catching.

    - Muskie on the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=174)
    Muskie on the fly? You got to be kidding me, right? Nope. Robert Tomes has written the definitive text on the subject. It’s all here, from teaching you how to deal with the inevitable heart stopping follows, to offering some advice on where to go and who to go with.

    - Humminbird Smartcast 35 (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/gear/smartcast35/)
    Despite its diminutive size, this innovative wrist-watch display and remote sonar sensor gives float tubers and kayakers a truly portable way to find fishy water faster. And at a MSRP of $80 USD, the price point is wallet friendly too. Read GFF's review of this handy (pun intended) device which may

    - Breaking the LAW (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/reels/lawrence-waldron-anti-reverse/)
    Martin had a tremendous fly reel breakdown this past season! Upon returning from a fishing trip he did one one the rare maintenance rinses of his LAW-reel, and noticed that the small rubber tube holding the ratchet had cracked. Disaster!

    - Internet Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/internet-flies/)
    All of a sudden, the new season or a spontaneous fly fishing trip with your best buddy is imminent. At that stage, you may think about ordering flies through an online shop. Selling flies through the Internet is a growing business. There is a vast number of private and commercial suppliers of flies and a large range of prices and qualities.

    - Once in a Blue Moon (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=181)
    After having seen and loved the latest year's large crop of "grunge" movies, it's a blessing to see something, which holds the flag of visual aesthetics high, and uses both editing, sound and commentary to keep you glued to the seat, not because you're afraid to fall off, but because you're spellbound.

    - Salmon Fly Directory (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=180)
    This is a massive and impressing work by Chris Mann whose books we hold in high esteem here on the GFF. With more than 1,800 fly patterns listed, each meticulously illustrated in Mann\'s superior style, this is probably THE title you want as a reference to salmon flies.

    - Pesca a mosca (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=186)
    Yeah, it\'s Italian, and no, Martin doesn\'t read Italian! But the nice layout and the great pictures is more than enough to make him enjoy this \"Complete manual of fly fishing\" in Italian. And in spite of having to spell his way through a few sentences, has already learned a couple of new things.

    - Secret Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=187)
    If you use or are intrigued by the Eastern European way of nymphing - Czech nymph fishing - this book will offer you more patterns for that method than you can fish in a lifetime. The best anglers and tyers from the region shares their secrets. Bob Petti reviews the book here.

    - Catch the moment (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=191)
    A German DVD shot in January/February 2008 during a five-week journey. Camaraderie. Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Rain forests and a really nice trip it seems, Lots of video minutes for your money and both English narration and subtitles.

    - Nervous Water DVD (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=185)
    Four full films, ten short films and a collection of the best clips entitled "fish porn". All collected by RA Beattie who has been scooting around the globe and has compiled more than three hours of fishing video spanning Alaska, NZ, Slovenia, the US - even New Guinea! A beautiful production and more than worth its 25 bucks price tag,

    - Czech Nymph DVD (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=190)
    Introduction to Czech nymph fishing with Swedish Johan Klingberg and several Czech experts. Covers the flies, the rig and fishing methods. Quiet and easygoing. Entertaining and educating. High quality and Global Class!

    - Tying Furled Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=182)
    Hanley\'s pragmatic and productive approach to a specific tying method: using furled pieces of material to create elongated shapes of different kinds. Used to tie all types of flies from mayflies over large damsels to small fish. Richly illustrated with great tying and fishing pictures.

    - A Passion for Pike (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=138)
    A book solely concentrating on fishing for pike by Dutch artist and avid pike angler Ad Swier. This book will take you around the subject of fishing for the toothy predator. As an angler with a smaller passion than the author\'s, but still a passion for pike, Martin thoroughly enjoyed the book.

    - Revolution (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=195)
      Rubber duck Man with rock Holy sock Beep for fuck Smells like Teen Spirit has never smelled like this!

    - The Source - Tasmania (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=188)
    A more than beautiful account of the fishing in a fairly unknown destination: Tasmania. Lots of variation, lots of fish and lots of stunning landscapes and locations. Filmed in breathtaking HD by Australian Nick Reygeart.

    - Bonefish (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=203)
    Charles Rangeley-Wilson is an apparently mild-mannered Englishman who spends most of his time in the London area. But he is addicted to bonefishing, so much so that he shows signs of withdrawal when unable to cast a fly on a Caribbean flat for some time. This resulted in a DVD.

    - Thousand Cast Journey (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=207)
    A fun and different angle on fishing for steelhead by angler Jeff Layton - very different from most other fishing DVD's - and before Martin got to like it he had to get to terms with its somewhat odd concept.

    - Bass: The Movie (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=209)
    With trailers available nearly a year before the film was available for purchase, BASS: THE MOVIE was indeed one of the most hyped fishing films in recent times. Jamie Howard of made this movie in recognition of anglers’ love for the largemouth bass. Given the success of Howard’s previous films, anticipation was running high and many advance purchases of the DVD were made.

    - Metalhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=212)
    As always from the Trout Bums we get taken on a chaotic and breathtaking fishing journey, this time to Canada to hunt for steelhead. After having seen the DVD it's pretty hard to say whether it's the fish or the anglers, who are nicknamed metalheads...

    - The Dream Stream (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=213)
    Seven summers in the North Swedish wilderness is what Thomas Ohman has spent to get hours of recordings. Enough to tell his story. He climbed lots of obstacles to get the casts, fights and atmosphere framed in 16:9 format, but was it worth the effort?

    - Green Tide (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=210)
    If you thought NZ was only trout in streams, you'd better think again! This trailblazing DVD shows some fantastic saltwater fishing around the famed islands. Snapper, kahawai, kingfish and many more weird and wonderful species.

    - Feeding Time (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=215)
    \"...featuring some of the most creative and innovative flyfishing footage ever assembled. Nothing like this has ever been attempted in the flyfishing industry\". Personally I\'d be very careful writing something like that, especially in an era where one stunning DVD after the other hits the shelves.

    - What I (don't) want (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/what-i-dont-want/)
    In this article Martin looks at some specific production methods, which are often used by fly fishing video producers. It seems that certain little tricks or styles have become fashionable, and can be found in lots of videos – on longer DVD's as well as in shorter online videos.m

    - Casts that Catch Fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=219)
    If you want to hone your casting skills before the upcoming season, this is a very good place to start: a concentrated, to-the-point instruction video as good as they come. Featuring Carl McNiel showing all essential casts.

    - Fish Eye 4 (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=194)
    A video magazine style DVD with a lot of varying types of video of a lot of varying types of fishing. Trout and bass as well as some more exotic species.

    - Rise + Drift (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=201)
    Two DVD's that take us around the world with fly fishers and fly fishing. A really nice, easy flowing collection of fishing advetures. Beautifully filmed and with lots of thoughtful and entertaining content. Fishing adventures galore from Confluence Films. Filmed in 16mm and produced in HD.

    - River Academy (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=220)
    Three DVD's reviewed as one: A set of delightful introductions to different approaches to different types of stream fishing. Presented by fly fishing actor Dean Andrews and fly fishing instructor John Tyzack in an entertaining and educating style. Very nicely filmed in some beautiful UK locations.

    - Soulfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=193)
    Adventurous search for the soul of fly fishing featuring fishing in all corners of the world with a bunch of fly anglers all with an interesting opinion about the game.

    - Sea Trout Secrets 1-4 (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=221)
    The lack of English material on coastal sea trout fishing changed dramatically when Danish film maker Niels Vestergaard released his four DVD's on the subject in English. Many more now have access to some of the finest material on coastal sea trout fishing, 

    - My book obsession (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/book-obsession/)
    Martin has always been very fond of books, and fly fishing books have almost become an obsession with him. In spite of having a pretty good stock of titles already, he still buys a bag full now and then.

    - Kelsongasm! (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=222)
    If you are into classical salmon flies, great writing and excellent fly photography the book The Essential Kelson is a very good reason to set yourself back £35.-. Terry Griffiths and Marvin Nolte have outdone themselves.

    - Tapâm (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=218)
    Fantastic video about tarpon fishing from float tubes. Yes, float tubes! Beautifully filmed and very exciting. Winner of the Drake Magazine annual fly fishing video Festival and winner of a Global Class rating right here.

    - Mayfly Madness (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=204)
    Very nice and cozy video journey together with Swedish anglers Johan Klingenberg and Ulf Börjesson in the pursuit of brown trout in the streams of southern Sweden during three seasons of mayfly hatches.

    - Modern fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=224)
    In this series of DVD\'s Johan Klinberg takes us on different kinds of fly fishing with internationally renown anglers or local experts, Mountain Media has reached both new heights in their productions as well as a potentially very large audience. Czech nymphing, dry fly fishing, wet fly fishing and streamer fishing.

    - The Source - New Zealand (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=228)
    The Source DVD's are growing into a series with chapters on Tasmania, New Zealand and Iceland. This is the middle chapter in the series on the goal of all trout angler's pilgrimages: New Zealand.

    - Cast Alaska (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=223)
    A very fine video from the stunning Alaska where avid anglers chase rainbow trout under all kinds of conditions - from excellent to not so good. Beautifully filmed and with some really interesting anglers portrayed. This DVD has definitely stimulated my urge to go fishing in Alaska sometime in my life.

    - The Source - Iceland (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=229)
    For people who don\'t know Iceland this is a fabulous introduction to this fairyland fishing destination. For the rest of us it\'s a testament to how good the fishing can be on the volcanic island in the Atlantic.

    - Equilibrium (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=205)
    Another fishing-slash-documentary DVD from Bristol Bay in Alaska telling about the fantastic fishing and nature and its future. Made in the form of a classic documentary – and a good one of the kind. A close to perfect mix of environmental consciousness and fishing action, but way too short.

    - Destination Trout - NZ (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=230)
    A varied and thorough introduction to trout fishing in New Zealand, and a very appetizing guide to many destination on the two islands. Lots of specific information and lots of fishing action - 3 hours actually! Some years old, but still well worth the watch.

    - Bonefish Fly Patterns (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=227)
    Dick Brown has made a good book much better by updating his classic 1996 title, and Bonefish Fly Patterns must be considered mandatory reading for bonefish anglers – rookies and oldtimers – on line with Randall Kaufmann's Bonefishing! and Brown's own Fly Fishing for Bonefish.

    - I've Never Met an Idiot... (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=234)
    Henry Winkler is best known via TV as Fonzie on the popular American 70\'s sitcom Happy Days. Through his newest book, I\'ve Never Met an Idiot on the River, Winkler accounts about his life with the love of his life, Stacey, mistakes made in life, raising children and of course fly fishing. The book is a quick and joyful read that leaves you feeling like you\'re just like a TV star - at least in a few very important habits of life.

    - A South African fly tying journey (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=235)
    This first DVD, in a series, is a documentary journey of the history of fly fishing in South Africa, providing lovely insight to the first trout that was introduced to the streams of South Africa and the evolution of fly tying in South Africa.

    - Vision and Refraction (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=236)
    It\'s been a long time since I spent any time in a classroom studying the concepts of refraction - how a wave (in our case a light wave) changes direction as it crosses the boundary layer between two different media. In \"Trout Vision and Refraction\" - the third entry in Ozzie Ozefovich\'s \"Underwater World of Trout\" series of DVDs - we get a much deeper understanding of the importance of air/water boundary.

    - Rivers of a Lost Coast (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=197)
    If documentary style is one tendency in fishing video, this is the ultimate example. A deep and profound look at Northern California\'s fabled and once fabulous steelhead fishing seen through historic pictures, film clips from then and now and the spoken word of a large number of experts.

    - Fly Fishing the World (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=238)
    Featuring John Barrett fishing different very attractive locations with celebrities like model Niki Taylor, musician Huey Lewis and actors Liam Neeson, Henry Winkler and others. Nice fishing, but a typical TV-show, including commercial breaks! But two entertaining DVDs with 3+ hours of video for less than 10 bucks is pretty hard to beat.

    - Musky Country (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=231)
    \"A different class of fish here!\" as Brad Bohen says during his fighting the world record musky (any tippet, so it\'s large!). And a different class of anglers I say. A nice video portrait of \"the musky tribe\".

    - Plu Stiniog (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=226)
    The subtitle is \"Trout Flies For North Wales\". These flies may come from Wales, but look like they can be used anywhere! Very systematic and thorough with lots of patterns each with a small description, list of materials and photos of the flies.

    - Casting At Shadows (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=237)
    The video is filmed in exquisite quality and with all the hallmarks of good photography and filming: great composition, great angles, nice rhythm and of course the kind of stunning images you get when filming large and beautiful fish in perfect, tropical conditions.

    - Fishing Season (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=239)
    I was a third into the book already the first day I had it, and finished it in just a couple of days, which in itself tells how much I liked it. I rarely give the Global Class score to other books than coffee table books with large, glossy pages and lots of snazzy and stylish photos, but this one easily earned our maximum score.

    - The Blitz (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=241)
    Tracking the annual saltwater migration from north (Maine) to south (Carolina) has all the hallmarks of a daunting task, but McDonald and Brown do it justice.

    - Heads or Tails (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=243)
    The number of permit and the accessibility to them seems to be on par with anything you can find anywhere on the globe... and then some! You will see dozens if not hundreds of fish, heads and tails inside the waves, permit going for surface flies and much more in this Australian DVD.

    - A Backyard in Nowhere (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=244)
    Lo and behold! A fishing DVD that warns about profanity, nudity, drugs and alcohol on the cover! And actually features it all inside along with some really well produced large pike fishing from Alaska and some portraits of people, locals, not-so-locals and strangers, who all have their characteristics and opinions. Heehaw!!

    - Stepping into the Stream (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=240)
    A video about women fly fishing, and not just about fly fishing, but also about connecting with nature and themselves.

    - A hundred places... (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=245)
    A review of the two Fifty Places to Fly-fish Before You Die books from Crish Santella who seems to be a book factory. Each dream location is covered with a brief text and a few facts, and many even without any images. I wonder how these books can become bestsellers. I\'m not impressed...

    - Atlantic Salmon Magic (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=252)
    Quite an amazing book. Great overview of the skills and techniques used to fish for Atlantic Salmon. Great DVD on Russian salmon rivers in the back. Another winner from Wild River Press.

    - A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=253)
    A fishing guide should be the kind of book that is dog-eared and spends most of its life bouncing around your car. It is not the kind that should get a plastic cover and placed gently on the shelves of your fly tying room. This is the best fishing guide book I\'ve ever seen.

    - The Fish & The Fly 1-3 (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=254)
    A series of DVDs covering dries, nymphs and terrestrials with nicely filmed fishing sequences from several destinations as well as a very thorough fly tying section covering the flies fished.

    - Fly-fishing the 41st (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=242)
    This book is a delightful road movie style novel with a great plot, lots of character development, and a host of world class supporting roles - and not least some fantastic locations. And it contains some fly-fishing... and quite a bit of poaching.

    - A Passion for Tarpon (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=214)
    \"A Passion for Tarpon\" can almost be considered two books inside one cover, as there is an alternating cadence where chapters of instruction are followed by chapters which transcribe a discussion between the author and some of the legends of fly fishing.

    - Favorite Flies for Baltic Seatrout (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/favorite-flies-for-baltic-seatrout/)
    In this new book Martin has tried to cover his favorite fly patterns, and has included 29 of the flies that he and his best fishing friends use 90% of the time when they fish for Danish coastal seatrout.

    - The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=270)
    What makes small stream fly fishing so special that there is enough material to write an entire book on the topic? After all, has anyone ever written a \"big river fly fishing\" book? The short answer is yes - small stream fly fishing is special in many ways. The long answer is ...

    - Atlantic Salmon Flies of Nova Scotia (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=268)
    You have to love this kind of book! Published by a local enthusiast and full of patterns that are used locally. Nothing any large publisher would probably touch, but thanks to Damian Welsh and a self-publishing project the book is available to the whole world as print-on-demand.

    - Heart of the Driftless (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=273)
    Another extremely beautiful video from Robert Thompson. Driftless has nothing to do with the drift of a fly, but with glacial traces - glacial drift - in this case in southwestern Wisconsin. The DVD also features the portrait of a punk band that has a common passion: fly-fishing in the form of the video Reverb. Chuck full of great footage. 2½ hours altogether.

    - A Passion Called Salmon (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=271)
    A fascinating journey with the salmon passionate Sasha Savic visiting some of the world\'s most fantastic salmon rivers, telling a very personal story about salmon fishing and the preservation of Atlantic salmon.

    - Itu's Bones (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=272)
    A fantastic and in many ways touching story about a bonefish gillnet fisherman who helps his community turn towards guiding bonefish anglers and protect the fantastic bonefish population on his home island in the Pacific.

    - Hatch (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=274)
    Beautifully filmed video about hatches of all kinds in many different places. A little less than an hour of exquisite footage of fly-fishing and nature. Mayfly hatches, grub hatches, krill hatches and even ant hatches!

    - Gaula (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=276)
    A beautifully filmed portrait of the Norwegian salmon river Gaula made by Germans Daniel Göz and Anton Hamacher. A documentary about the fishing, the people, the problems and the promise for the future.

    - Meerforelle an der Küste (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=277)
    OK, this is not for all our readers, but the German translation of Danish Thomas Vinge\'s books on Danish coastal flies will be interesting to a large number of our German speaking readers, and they are the best books you can get on the subject.

    - Uncharted Waters (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=279)
    The account of a fantastic fishing trip to the atoll Bassas da India, a place in the middle of nowhere between Africa and Madagascar. The fishing is fantastic, the food seems delicious, the beer is cold and the spirit is high

    - Tied in the Hand (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=278)
    More than a hundred classical salmon flies tied without a vice by Swedish Svend-Olov Haard accompanied by a text on the history of the salmon flies, a lot about the House of Hardy and equally much about tying and fishing the flies. A beautiful book.

    - Swedish Lapland (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=281)
    We follow Swedish Gunnar Westrin and his friend Palle Andersson on a nice and cozy fly-fishing trip to the northern part of Sweden. You can almost smell the campfire and taste the Ardbeg.

    - Long Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=282)
    Every style of streamer from the Aztec to the Zonker is covered here. All manners of streamers, bucktails, muddlers, buggers, matukas, and \"others\". If it\'s tied on a long shank hook - or even if it\'s tied on a short shank book but is a \"long\" fly, chances are it\'s here.

    - The Practical Fly Tier (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=280)
    The subtitle contains the words \"no-nonsense patterns\" and that is exactly what it is. A book just after my heart and a perfect beginner\'s fly-tying book. 34 no-nonsense fly patterns and a lot of tying techniques nicely explained.

    - Thunder Creek Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=258)
    A really fantastic book about a single type of streamer - the Thunder Creek. Beautiful and of course very thorough with excellent photos and lots of advice, stories and general thoughts on fishing.

    - The Trout Diaries (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=283)
    An entertaining and educating journey though the fishing seasons and waters of New Zealand.

    - Fisheye (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=284)
    A book on fishing photography by Matt Hayes who according to the cover notes is \"the most popular angler in Europe\". Well, that might be so, but I never heard of him before... Never the less a very nice book on shooting fish, anglers and fishing scenes with lots of beautiful illustrations.

    - Salmon fishing in the Yemen (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=285)
    A wonderful book about a crazy project, literally introducing salmon fishing in the Yemen! The book is from 2007, but has been brought into public attention by the recent movie made based on the novel.

    - Dyeing and Bleaching (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=249)
    This is a real classic written by the renown fly tyer and tying book author AK Best. The book was overhauled in 2004 and reprinted in a second edition with color images. It\'s the bible when it comes to dying fly tying materials, and is extremely thorough and useful - even for those that have no plans of dying, but just want to treat their materials as well as possible.

    - An Entirely Synthetic Fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=286)
    The fascinating history of breeding and stocking rainbow trout in the US an many places in the rest of the world seen from a historic and scientific perspective.

    - Mayflies and More (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=292)
    First a foremost a DVD covering 10 very neat and fairly easy patterns tied for chalkstream use, but also very useful in many other waters. Accompanied by a 30-page booklet with some general tying advice and supplementary instructions on each pattern.

    - Tying Tenkara Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=287)
    A very nice, thorough and easy to understand introduction to tying the super simple tenkara flies used for this ever more popular type of fishing. You get 17 patterns and 2.5 hours of video on fly-tying, but little on the fishing itself.

    - Turning Tail (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=275)
    A classic style documentary about the history, the current state and the future of the Atlantic salmon on the east coast of the north American continent.

    - Christmas gifts (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/christmas-gifts-stocking-stuffers/)
    We haven\'t ever done any of these traditional Christmas articles before. Lists of stocking stuffers are very common everywhere, but this is the first ever on GFF. We have spotted 24 new and classic Christmas gifts for the angler, fly-tyer or just outdoors person.

    - The Flies that Catch Fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=289)
    A mixed bag of very good looking flies with great illustrations and step-by-step tying instructions. A book right after my heart. No-nonsense fishing flies presented in a clear and appetizing fashion with really excellent pictures.

    - Geofish (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=293)
    Fish.Drive.Survive. That very well sums up what it\'s all about. The Geofish team of four goes on a mildly crazy trip to Mexico in a well worn truck running on vegetable oil and a good dollop of enthusiasm and defiance.

    - Only the River Knows (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=298)
    A truly different - and truly epic - fly-fishing DVD, which is very unlike most fly-fishing DVDs inasmuch as it has a story, a narrative. The story of two Scandinavian anglers fishing in New Zealand and getting lost, only to find a desolated cabin and a diary left behind. The diary possesses especially one of the anglers who relives the story in the booklet and seeks out the author.

    - Classic Salmon Fly Patterns (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=299)
    Michael Radencich has created one of the most comprehensive and valuable reference books ever written for the tyer of classic salmon flies. With over 1700 patterns and 1000 photographs, there is a lifetime of exploration between the covers.

    - Matching Major Eastern Hatches (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=301)
    Henry Ramsay has given us a peak inside his fly box and shared with us his rationale for how and why he has developed his fly patterns. To a fly tyer, that is pure gold. It is chock full of good ideas, sound angling theory, and easily digestible fly tying concepts. There are flies in here that I will try.

    - The Fly Fisher's Playbook (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=302)
    This book is good and useful for its intended purpose and just may be the ticket you need to retool your bad fly fishing habits. This book is for the serious-minded nymphing-oriented angler wishing to dissect, analyze and improve his or her technique.

    - Streamers 365 (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=300)
    An impressing array of streamers from Darren MacEachern\'s one-streamer-a-day project Streamers 365. Beautiful images of each day\'s streamer with pattern description and materials collected in three books.

    - North Country Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=303)
    A classic book on soft hackle flies first published in 1885 and now photographically reprinted in high quality with a great foreword on its history.

    - Trout (of the World) (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=304)
    A simple concept. Fish paintings of single trout flat on on their side on a white background. How can such books be Global Class? Simple answer: James Prosek.

    - Classic Michigan Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=305)
    A beautiful little book with 16 selected Michigan patterns, including such well known patterns the Adams, Griffith\'s Gnat and Rusty\'s Spinner. Illustrated with excellent illustrations by Joe van Faasen

    - Wet Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=306)
    A beautifully illustrated book covering the classic wet flies with a detailed picture and materials list for each and a large tying section with fantastic step-by-step illustrations of several patterns. text in both Japanese and English.

    - Pacific Salmon Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=332)
    70 pages packed with great pictures, excellent fly patterns and a brief but to-the-point introduction to the Pacific salmon and fishing them. Not a large book, but not expensive either.

    - Ultimate Fishing Adventures (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=291)
    Henry Gibley is an angler and photographer who has been around - literally! This is most likely just a selection of the places he has fished in his career, and the 100 selected spots are indeed very tempting and appetizing. A very nice book with some excellent photos.

    - The Founding Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=308)
    It has been said about fly fishing and fly tying that everything that needs to be said has been said already. \"Founding Flies\" tells us when and where it was said, under what circumstances it was said, and then goes on to tell us some stories about who said it.

    - Feather Brain (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=307)
    Drew Chicone\'s book is a book right after my heart: great thoughts about fly-tying and designing flies for saltwater use.

    - The Tube Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=312)
    A beautiful, large format book about tube flies with 300 patterns listed with materials and exquisite images. A handful are illustrated with step-by-step instructions. In Sawada\'s usual gaudy tying style and colors accompanied by Japanese text and his quirky English translations.

    - Tributaries (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=313)
    A very nice 20 minute video that emphasizes how similar the life and philosophy of three very different fly-fishing guides actually is.

    - Why I Fly Fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=314)
    This book features 25 well known fly fishers and each has a six page chapter, which follows the exact same template: A full page photo, a three page portrait/interview, another full page photo and a small bio.

    - Casting That Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=310)
    A set of excellent casting DVDs that will appeal in particular to the beginner and medium advanced fly angler who wants to get started with more advanced casting and not least shooting heads

    - A World of Pike Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=315)
    Truly a remarkable gathering of pike flies, and another very personal view on pike fishing and pike fly tying from Dutch pike angler and artist Ad Swier.

    - Tying and Fishing the Booby Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=316)
    A book solely on tying and fishing the (flam)buoyant booby flies. Originally a UK style of fly, but very useful for other applications. Available as an ebook.

    - Salt (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=318)
    A large and beautiful book about fly-fishing US coastal waters from north to south and east to west.

    - Sea Trout Secrets 5+6 (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=317)
    Danish Niels Vestergaard as upped the ante and outdone himself in the latest two videos in the Sea Trout Secrets series - one on spin fishing and one on fly-fishing.

    - The Rising Salar (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=322)
    A fun and different fishing video with lots of salmon caught in beautiful Norwegian settings.

    - Nymph Fly-Tying Techniques (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=323)
    Over 1,000 color photos is both the strength and the weakness of Jim Schollmeyer\'s nymph book from 2001.

    - Kayak Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=324)
    An excellent all-round kayak fishing book, richly illustrated and with lots of useful information on everything from kayak choice to rigging the kayak and - of course - fishing from it.

    - Take the F...ing Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=325)
    A very different fly-fishing book and a book right after my heart. Poetry, watercolors... and the F-word!

    - Flyfishing for Coarse Fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=326)
    I have fished for roach, bream, chub and of course pike and always wanted to try to target carp and tench. This is a book for me and any fly-angler who wants to venture beyond simple trout fishing.

    - Fishing in Grayling Paradise (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=327)
    A very good read if you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic or enjoy reading fly fishing stories about other interesting places.

    - Fly-Fishing's Final Frontier (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=329)
    A large, beautiful and well-illustrated book on fly-fishing for anything but trout covering techniques and fly-patterns. A great intro to the alternative quarries of the US.

    - Steelhead Dreams (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=328)
    A very thorough introduction to fishing for steelhead in the great lakes area in the US by renown steelhead guide Matt Supinski. Covering tactics, gear and flies as well as seasons and locations.

    - Selectivity (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=331)
    A book about fishing for fussy trout, steelhead and salmon, which systematically covers theory, practical fishing methods and fly patterns.

    - Das große Trockenfliegen-
    A beautiful German language book on dry fly fishing, which takes a complete look on dry fly fishing - with a slight European perspective.

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