Fall Colors

Published Oct 12th 2006

A wonderful day to be on the stream


Autumn is my favorite time of year. All summer long, wilting in the heat, I look forward to that first crisp morning where it feels good to put on a fleece shirt even though there is not a cloud in the sky. This past weekend, the weather was about as perfect as one could expect. The leaves were near their peak, the skies were deep blue, and morning chill burned off to wonderful afternoons the entire weekend. I took the opportunity on Saturday to try my hand at some Fall fishing on one of my favorite trout streams anywhere - Willowemoc Creek. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Somebody\'s Watching - This lady didn\'t know what to make of me. She snorted and kicked her hooves and made all sorts of fuss, but as long as I held still, she just watched. When I took a step downstream, all I saw was a flash of her tail as she bounced away.
Somebody's Watching
Caddis - My little point-and-shoot camera does not penetrate the glare of the stream as well as my polaroid glasses, but you can still see the caddis attached to the rock here. There were everywhere. I would like to be on this stream during a caddis hatch. It must be a sight to see.
Last of the year? - This could be my last trout of the year. Who knows, right? I wonder if all the trout in this system are as skinny as this fellow this year. Lord knows they\'ve had to suffer scouring floods and boiling water temps at various points. Definitely not a great year to be a trout.
Last of the year?
Low Water - The combination of low water levels and the scouring floods of recent years leaves plenty of exposed rocks along the shores in the Catskills. This will not help water temps in upcoming seasons.
Low Water
Stark - The contrast between the trees in shadows and the trees in the sunlight made a compelling images as I walked by. This almost looks like one of those drawing we did as a kid by scratching off the black crayon to show the colors underneath.

User comments
From: Wm Evans · wre23·at·shaw.ca  Link
Submitted March 13th 2007

Great pics. use them for backgrounds on my computer, keep up the good work.

From: Dave Johnstone · death2spam·at·eastlink.ca  Link
Submitted February 17th 2007

Kudos, as a professional photographer, I am continuously humbled by the effort and results of all enthusiasts of both genres. I feel guilty for not taking more angling and outdoors images. It is embarrasing, considering I was born and raised on Vancouver Island British Columbia, and now enjoy semi-retirement in the Annapolis valley of Nova Scotia. Perhaps it is because of these facts that I was taking my surroundings for granted. I have been carrying my camera for all my fishing trips lately, and perhaps one day I will post and Image or two - unfortunately, I am a better photographer than angler!

From: Fred Laberge · labtrout·at·comcast.net  Link
Submitted October 25th 2006

Great photos, nice captions and fine observations. Made me feel like I was walking along with you instead of being stuck in my office. Thanks, Bob.

From: Dave Goff · dave2goff·at·aol.com  Link
Submitted October 23rd 2006

Beautiful pictures. This shoud serve as a reminder that it is more than just about fish. Keep up the good photography.

From: Peter Andersen · staunte·at·hotmail.com  Link
Submitted October 12th 2006

Wow Bob! You take amazing pictures, I really enjoyed them. Thanks alot.

Comment to an image
From: Bob Petti  Link
Submitted November 17th 2006

All these cased caddis has the classic square cross section like a Grannom, but I didn't pluck any of the larvae out of their houses to check body colors. They were active buggers, too, as when I picked up a rock, they'd wriggle all about.

Comment to an image
From: Doug Gosling · gosling9964·at·shaw.ca  Link
Submitted November 17th 2006

Good shot! But it makes me wonder about my own patterns now. The heads seem to be quite light in contrast to their darker bodies. Is this true or is it simply that the photo has distorted the true colors. Also their shape is definitely more torpedo-like than my ties.

Thnx. Doug

Comment to an image
From: Tom Travis · mtrailink·at·hotmail.com  Link
Submitted December 22nd 2008

With snow on the ground outside, I can still go back, in my thoughts, and relive my last fishing trip, before the snow, thru your pictures. Keep up the good work.

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