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Published May 15th 2006

Artists whose art is related to fly-fishing


In the end of 2006 I set out on a quest to find artists whose art was in some way related to fly-fishing. The task was not hard since I already knew a few and had contact with them, and through connections, friends, web sites and email I started gathering samples and interviews with these artists.
During the course of the project South African fly fisher and GFF contributor Korrie Broos made articles about African artists to supplement the series.
This page sums up the results so far and links to each of the articles.

| AD Maddox | Ad Swier | Adriano Manocchia | Arturas Merkevicius | Bob White | Charles Weiss | Chris Bladen | Craig Bertram Smith | David Miller | Derek DeYoung | Diane Michelin | Jim Roszel | Juan Jose Serra | Matt Zudweg | Nick Laferriere | Renato Rizzo | Robin Armstrong | Rod Sutterby | Jason Tison | Sam MacDonald | Sean Seal | Sharon Burger | Taylor Garman | Thomas Weiergang | Vaughn Cochran | Yoshikazu Fujioka | Yves Laurent |

AD Maddox
"She's a Ducati riding, Wyoming roaming, fly fishing girl born in Tennessee... "
This is how fly fishing artist AD Maddox is introduced on her web site, and an introduction that has exactly the effect that I suppose was intended: I gotta know more about her!
Read the interview here

Ad Swier
Dutch Ad Swier is not only a pike fanatic beyond the ordinary but also an artist extraordinaire. His beautiful drawings and paintings have been used in books, calanders and magazines all over the world. We convinced Ad to participate in our series on Fishy Artists.
The result can be seen in this article.

Adriano Manocchia
A mail ticked in: "One of our clients thought that Adriano Manocchia's art would be a nice addition to your art gallery section." And true enough. Manocchia's beautiful, almost photo realistic art would certainly be a nice addition to our Fishy Artists series.
Learn more and see samples his beautiful art here

Arturas Merkevicius
Lithuania based artist Arturas Merkevicius makes beautiful fly fishing themed leather art. We approached with the usual row of questions for fishy artists.
Read his replies and see his art here.

Bob White
Bob White is probably best known for his illustrations for John Gierach's long running column in the printed magazine Fly Rod and Reel. Here he tells a bit about how it all started, how he works - and that he also guides and has done so through 27 seasons from south to north, home and abroad.
Pictures and text here

Charles Weiss
Charles contacted me as a result of having seen our long-running series on fishy artists, and after having seen his fish carvings I found him more than worthy as a participant. Charles also paints and draws - cartoons and caricatures in particular.
See his art here

Chris Bladen
South African artist Chris Bladen has specialized in doing bronzes of wildlife - particularly fish. See some of his stunning work and read about the process of shaping and finishing bronze statues of tuna, flying fish, dorados, tigerfish and much more.
Korrie Broos takes you on a tour in Chris' studio

Craig Bertram Smith
The first time Korrie Broos saw one of Craig Bertram Smith's works of art was a pencil sketch he'd made to commemorate a trophy giant kingfish he'd caught, posted on a fly fishing forum.
The sketch was magnificent, and Korrie immediately sent Craig an email to find out more about him and his artistic work.

David Miller
UK artist David Miller has long been on our wanted list for the Fishy Artist series, and now we can feature some samples of his impressing art and some answers to a few questions.
Check out the article here.

Derek DeYoung
"As a young kid developing my skills and vision as an artist, I found that I could find no better subject to paint then the big northern pike and largemouth bass that I would often observe cruising the weed lines out in the bayou."
See Derek DeYoung's fantastic paintings in this article.

Diane Michelin
Canadian watercolor artist Diane Michelin has been painting for 15 years.
"Basically, in each painting, I try to tell a story that represents the day to day events that fuel our passion." as she says in this article presenting her paintings.
See Diane Michelin's beautiful art here

Jim Roszel
"I have been an artist and fisherman my entire life. I realized a few years ago after catching a giant striped bass that I wanted a way to remember the fish so I painted the fish life-size with all of the details of the catch." says painter Jim Roszel.
Read more and see his art here

Juan Jose Serra
When Argentinean artist Juan Jose Serra approached me and showed me some of his amazing paintings and inquired about being in our Fishy Artists series I was all excited! You will probably understand why when you see his paintings in this article

Matt Zudweg
American artist Matt Zudweg creates the most amazing carved and painted works in wood. His portfolio contains signs and carved fish as as well as more three-dimensional pieces such as furniture. Some might not consider this "proper art", but trust us. It is!
See Matt's work in this article.

Nick Laferriere
When Canadian Nick Laferriere is not on the water, he's blogging, tying flies, and drawing fish. Recently he started combining the manual drawings and digital processes to create a new expression.
See Nick's art here

Renato Rizzo
Italian artist Renato Rizzo draws beautiful, simple but still very complex and detailed black and white pictures of flies... with a lowly BIC ballpoint pen
Renato shares some pictures and replies here

Robin Armstrong
Robin Armstrong is a British painter based in Devon in the UK, whose lifelike watercolors have been featured in magazine articles as well as in books by himself as well as other authors.
See the images and read the interview.

Rod Sutterby
Rod Sutterby gave us a taste of his beautiful paintings in the book Atlantic Salmon done in cooperation with Malcolm Greenhalgh. In connection with a new series of articles about "Fishy artists" here on GFF we contacted the artist.
See his answers to our questions and some samples of his beautiful art.

Jason Tison
I first noticed Jason Tison's neat pencil drawings when watching a video on YouTube where he shows the process from blank paper to a finished and stunningly beautiful drawing of a blue marlin. I approached Jason, and he replied to my usual set of Fishy Artist questions.
Read his replies and see samples of his art here.

Sam MacDonald
Sam MacDonalds art may at first glance look like paintings, but is actually 3D sculptures made from metal, with a very particular character that lends itself very well to fish and underwater subjects. We confronted him with our usual questions.
Read his replies and see samples of his art here

Sean Seal
"I really can't pin down exactly when I started doing artwork. I've always done it." These are the words of Sean Seal when presented with the question "how did it start?". Based in Bay City, Michigan, which is not exactly "a fly fishing paradise" as he says, he has still taken on fly fishing as a subject for his art.
See his works here

Sharon Burger
Sharon Burger is a modern day scrimshaw artist from South Africa. She does fine scrimshaw work for knife handles, inlays and more.
See her work and hear her tell here

Taylor Garman
Taylor Rose Garman is a Massachusetts based artist. When her father originally asked her to paint a brook trout she obliged, but didn't really think too much of it. Now, when she can't fish or tie, she paints.
Read her story here

Thomas Weiergang
Thomas is known from the Danish magazine Sportsfiskeren. At a recent editorial meeting, Thomas brought a bunch of framed reproductions of his drawings, and GFF partner Martin Joergensen immediately grabbed him and lured him into participating in our Fishy Art series.
See Thomas' art here

Vaughn Cochran
Read about Florida artist, guide and store owner Vaughn Cochran's history and see samples of his beautiful art, which stretches from pop art over impressionsitic scenes to sculptures. Cochran paints and sculpts fish and scenes from his home waters as well as other tropical waters.
Read how two passions blend - art and fishing.

Yoshikazu Fujioka
Ever since GFF partner Martin Joergensen first discovered Yoshikazu Fujioka's Japanese web site, which was amongst the first fishing related pages he ever found on the web, he was fascinated with Fujioka's art. Now GFF can present images from "Trouts and Seasons of the Mountain Streams".
See them here

Yves Laurent
Canadian Yves Laurent does beautiful wood carvings of fish and other animals - and flies. His work is meticulous and detailed and even the stones are carved in wood!
We asked questions, Yves replied

User comments
GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted February 8th 2013


Yes, we would be very interested in featuring your beautiful art!
I have sent you an email.


From: Yves Laurent · y.laurent·at·  Link
Submitted February 8th 2013

I just found your site and mention about artists with a link to fly fishing or fish related art. Wondered if you would consider adding my work also.

Yves Laurent

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted November 19th 2012


All fishy artists can be taken into consideration for this series. I have mailed you directly. Other artists are welcome to to contact me or leave a comment here and I'll return with instructions.


From: David Miller · david·at·  Link
Submitted November 18th 2012

Just found your site and mention of artists with a link to fly fishing. Wondered if you would consider adding my work:

From: lauren · lauren-anna·at·  Link
Submitted April 18th 2012

Thanks so much for this post! i am doing an art unit on fly fishing and have really struggled to find amazing artists!

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted August 1st 2009


You write me at All fishy artists are more than welcome. I tried mailing you but have heard nothing back.


From: Mark jennings · drawamark·at·  Link
Submitted July 27th 2009

how do i sign up to be on your sight as an artist? i live for fishing and i am also a watercolorist who specializes in fishing art. most of my paintings are trout that i have caught with my rod placed next to the fish. i fish mostly in the eastern sierra of california but also the western states. any consideration would ber fantastic. thank you very much

From: matthew christian · cmatthew1978·at·  Link
Submitted February 26th 2009

they are all great, but you are missing another great artist. You might want to check him out. His name is D. Holiway, and he also is a great fly fisherman. Anyways just fyi.

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