Fly fishing photographers

Published Feb 16th 2012

Our series of articles about photographers specializing in fly fishing photography


This series of articles is about the photographers who specialize in fly fishing photos - pros an semi-pros.

| Aleksandar Vrtaric | Angus Drummond | Barry Ord Clarke |  Corey Kruitbosch | Dennis Collier | Harri Hytönen | Henry Hegeman | Isaias Nicolaevici | Jim Klug | Jim Levison | Jonas Hoholt | Lukas Bammatter | Marcel Siegle | Mark Lance | Michael Jensen | Nikola Novovic | Pasi Visakivi | Rudy van Duijnhoven | Soren Skarby | Stu Hastie |

Fishy photos: Aleksandar Vrtaric
Croatian photographer Aleksandar Vrtaric has a slightly different photographic style compared to many other fly fishing photographers. He likes to go close and often uses very tight compositions. We asked him a few questions and he kindly relpied

Fishy photos: Angus Drummond
Angus Drummond is a Colorado based guide and photographer whose images have been used in magazines and books as well as on web sites. Angus' images are also available as fine art prints. We summoned Angus and asked him a few questions.
See Angus' replies and pictures here

Fishy photos: Barry Ord Clarke
Over the past eighteen years, Barry Ord Clarke has built a niche market for himself within game fishing writing and photography. We approached Barry with our usual set of fishy photographer questions.
See his photos and read his replies here

Fishy photos: Corey Kruitbosch
While scouting for photographers I found Corey Kruitbosch's almost 2,000 beautiful images on Flickr.
Like before I approached him with our usual set of questions and he cordially replied and sent some samples of his work.
Read his replies here.

Fishy photos: Dennis Collier
Subsequent to his retiring Dennis Collier abandoned most things that could be construed as work, but he still shoots a lot of fishing photos. We asked him our usual set of photography questions.
Read his answers and see samples of his photos and art here

Fishy photos: Harri Hytönen
Finnish photographer Harri Hytönen was brought to my attention through Facebook and I got both a set of great pictures as well as Harri's replies to our usual questions.
Se it all here

Fishy photos: Henry Hegeman
Henry Hegeman got the crazy idea that maybe he could make some extra money to help support his hunting and fishing endeavors by writing articles and illustrating them with his photos
Read his story and see his pictures here

Fishy photos: Isaias Nicolaevici
Patagonia based photographer Isaias Nicolaevici has been fly-fishing since he was a boy and taking pictures for almost as long. We have asked him our usual series of questions.
Read about Stu and see his photos here

Fishy photos: Jim Klug
Photographer and fly fisher Jim Klug tells that it all started with fly fishing and travel. These days, however, he is much more likely to be found in great fishing situations with a camera in his hand instead of a fly rod. Read Jim's story and see the stunning pictures here.

Fishy photos: Jim Levison
Jim Levison specializes in saltwater fly fishing in Montauk, New York. He guides and he takes pictures. His stock of photos is more comprehensive than just the salt. Read about Jim's photography here.

Fishy photos: Jonas Hoholt
Jonas is a young Danish photographer in pursuit of a career as a freelancer. His photo of a trout rising towards a small frog brought him in line for our fishy photographer questions.
Read his answers and see more of Jonas' photos here

Fishy photos: Lukas Bammatter
Swiss photographer and fly-fisher Lukas Bammatter lives in Zürich not far away from beautiful trout and grayling waters with both fishing and photo opportunities.
See his photos here

Fishy photos: Marcel Siegle
Marcel Siegle is a professional photographer who splits his photo time (unevenly) between weddings and fly-fishing. His fly-fishing work is widely used in magazines and catalogs. We asked Marcel our usual photo questions.
Read his answers and see his photos here

Fishy photos: Mark Lance
Mark Lance's wife caught a grand fish, and Mark took a snapshot with a mediocre point-n-shoot camera. He was so disappointed in the printed version of that photograph that he vowed to raise the bar. Read his story and see his pictures here

Fishy photos: Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen is a Danish writer and photographer whose images are widely used in fishing books and magazines. Michael is a very creative person who has also written children's books and short stories and not least he's an avid rock musician.
See his photos and read about his photography here

Fishy photos: Nikola Novovic
The global scope of GFF is once again confirmed as we present Montenegrian fishy photographer Nikola Novovic
See his pictures here

Fishy photos: Pasi Visakivi
Finnish photographer Pasi Visakivi has been interested in photographing from very young age but is still learning new important things almost every day.
We shot off the usual photo questions and Pasi replied

Fishy photos: Rudy van Duijnhoven
Dutchman Rudy van Duijnhoven is a well known freelance photographer in the northern European fishing community delivering photos and articles to many European magazines and websites.
See some of his pictures here

Fishy photos: Soren Skarby
Danish photojournalist Soren Skarby only recently started photographing his favorite pastime: fishing. Before that he kept work and pleasure strictly separated.
He answers a few quenstions here.

Fishy photos: Stu Hastie
Stu Hastie is a New Zealand photographer whose work first came to my attention through our user's image galleries and his posts on Facebook. The quality was top notch, and being in NZ he didn't seem to have a shortage of subjects.
Read about Stu and see his photos here

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