How you can get some very good fly pictures without using an expensive SLR camera or a macro lens.

The flat bed scanner is actually just a large format digital camera. It has a very little depth of sharpness, but on the other hand an absolutely accepable resolution. It will not compare to a good SLR with a slow slide film, but it can do some fine pictures of solid 3D objects - including flies.

Extremely simple
Actually scanning the flies is extremely simple. It came about as a result of a feeble try to get some rough photographs into some small booklets that I've been making. I tried having prints made from slides because my scanner only handles reflection originals. They fell out very bad, and I didn't use them.
I also tried color prints, but never really was satisfied with the quality compared to slides.
So as a substitute I just put the flies in the scanner and... Eureka! It worked. And not only does it work, it actually looks very good.

Amazing results
The scans used for the Fly Art are mostly scanned in 256 shades of gray and a resolution of 3-600 dpi, while many of the 'real' flies are scanned in lower resolution and less levels of grey -- as low as 16.
The results can be amazing, but only in B/W. Colors go berserk because my scanner uses three lamps and this gives a very strange 3D, multicolor effect. But for my use this simple method has worked until now. Even heavily hackled flies and flies with lots of volume, beads, eyes etc. seem to go though the squishing process very well.

Finishing off
Many of the scans have been edited, retouched or heavily manipulated in a photo editing program, of which I use Picture Publisher and sometimes LView Pro.
After this retouching the pictures can be finished, but sometimes I import them into Corel Draw for further work. In all cases I end up exporting them in the proper size and color depth for use in these pages.

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