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Gallery, Float tubes

These four pictures were taken in May 1998 during the Spring Tube Regatta at Helgenęs in Denmark. The weather was excellent - the fishing lousy...

Cool, clear water - click for larger picture Click for larger picture Click for larger picture Rows of tubes - click for larger picture
A stray pontoon boat Approaching the water Spring Float Tube Regatta

I took up float tubing late 1994 and still enjoy it. It blew new air (sic!) into my fishing - and gave me new places to spend my time and money... Until now I've only used it in the ocean, and I can assure you that it's not particularly unsafe as long as you take general safety precautions.

Boinky Cod One of the first times I float... on the Isefjord
Boinky - Frans' tubing dog
Cod again (71 KB) Myself in the tube
on the Isefjord
Elmer Meiler on the Pond of Oz with a beautiful bass (30 KB) Elmer Meiler presents himself (51 KB) Ruth Hauer in the tube (57 KB)
Productive float tubing (41 KB) Whadda view! (34 KB)
My friend Lars on the big water (35 KB)

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