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Martin J.
Yours truly
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Hans W.
Hans Weilenmann
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These are all tyers. Some of them were caught at the Danish Fly Festival and some at Fly Fair - Europe's largest outdoors fly show wich takes place every second year in Zwolle in Holland. Here are some pictures from the '96 event. If you want to see more international tyers have a look at the pictures from The International Fly Tyers Symposium 1996.

Dutch Bas Vershoor
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Marvin Nolte of salmon fly fame
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Kieran Frye at Fly Fair
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Tyer Glen Peckel at the vice
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Jeff 'Bear' Andrews
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Jan Bergvoets at his quite unique vice
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Gretchen Beatty, Jay Lee and Al Beatty
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Jay Lee tying at the Danish Fly Fair
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Edwin Otting tying at the Danish Fly Fair
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