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Global Fly Fisher, Fishing in Denmark - start of April 1996
Denmark is still a cold place
Due to the long and cold winter, the season is only slowly starting. My own fishing has only given a few trout this year, while the cod fishing - from a float tube - has been excellent. This past weekend also gave cod, but no trout. The reports are coming in though. Borth in Jylland (Mariager Fjord and Vejle Fjord) and on Sjaelland (Isefjord) the fishing for trout in the salt is gaining momentum.
Soon the spring time fishing will be at its highest, and people will confirm why April is considered the most productive month of all when it comes to sea trout. I usually say: "it's just because they are so easy to catch this time of year...". Plunge out a colorful piece of metal, and you will most likely catch a trout.
The bl#%&#y NE wind!
One of the reasons for the late start is the North Eastern winds that we have had for the last couple of months. My personal theory is the water has to be moving out to create good fishing, and when the wind is in the Northern corners, water will be pressed into the Danish seas. South West is my choice of a wind.

Fresh water
There's still ice on most lakes and many of the streams are partially ice covered. Many of them will probably be out due to runoff water from melting snow.
The pike is protected all through April, and pike fishing will not start until the early summer. One of my ideas is to go pike forshing in my float tube this summer.

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