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Global Fly Fisher, Fishing in Denmark - January 4th 1998
Mild winter
Winter still seems far away here with day temperatures well above the freezing point and night temperatures just above.
The winter has up yill now been warm, windy and rainy. If that keeps on, it should guarantee a good spring, because even though the fishing is quite slow right now, there still seems to be many smaller fish. These will be excellent sport when springtime comes. So most Danish fishers are hoping for a continuation of the mild winter.

As usual
As usual the cod fishing is more than excellent. These fish seems to be gaining a stronghold, and in the past two seasons they have been my salvation from a very frustrating sea trout fishing.

I have been fishing for cod once and sea trout twice during the recent holliday.

  • My first adventure was for sea trout in a local fjord. Nothing seen and nothing felt. So it goes.

  • Second time I took a friend tubing for cod, and even though the fish were plenty we had a hard time staying by them because of strong currents. The wind has blown from south for a long time, and water is flowing steadily out of the Danish seas.

  • The third time was my first venture for sea trout in Sweden. The Swedish coasts open Janyary th 1st and are known to hold some good fish just after the opening. But all we saw and caught were some miserable post spawning fish: weak, ugly and very hungry.
    I hope to return some day to catch the reknown, large Swedish silver sea trout.

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