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Global Fly Fisher, Fishing in Denmark - April 12th 1998
Spring at last!
This spring has brought some hope for a season that will look like a normal one. Both 1996 and 1997 have been more than dissapointing to most sea trout fishers. i've had great days and great fun with both garfish and cod, but there are people who go for sea trout only, and they will probably have e good time this spring.
My own outings have been fine until now. We've had trips with more than 20 sea trout per man - not big ones, but still.
I have had some fine fish myself - 2.5 kilos or 5 lbs as the largest and a few fish in the 1-1.5 kilo range. But most fish have either been small or kelts.

Spring 1998; many fish - but most of them small ones.

A revival
I have rediscovered a fly - an old pattern, actually. It's been a while since I had Red Tags in my regular shoreline flybox, but I have tied up a dozen - weigthed and unweighted on 6 and 8 hooks - and have brought them to good use on the last couple of trips. As my friend Jim Hauer says: "Any fly with peacock herl can catch fish", and the sure goes for the Red Tag. A highly recommended fly.

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