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Global Fly Fisher, Fishing in Denmark - 20th of April 1996
Whadda short spring that was
Just two weeks ago it was still winter. Now it's summer, guys wear shorts - girls even less. The water temperature rose 5-8 deg. C in just one sunny week and fish startede appearing everywhere.
The first good fishing was in the fjords right after the ice had broken and started leaving, but gradually the good fishing would extend to the open coasts.
The early fjord fishing is very well known. People catch dozens of sea trout in very short time, and this particular fishing is one of the reasons that spring fishing is generally considered the best.
The lovely SW wind!
One of the reasons for the sudden change in the weather was that the wind turned to southern directions. This generally brings warmer air from centra Europe, and will make our days milder. It's still cold at night - often freezing - but in a week or two that will end too.

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