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Global Fly Fisher, Fishing in Denmark - May 25th 1997
Sea trout and garfish
Spring is reluctant to take over completely, and the weather is still somewhat cold and windy. But the season has taken speed, and there are frequent reports of sea trout. The garfish have certainly arrived - to an extent where most fishers actually are tired of them. They can still be great fun though. Fish them on a light rod and small flies.

Float tube fishing
I went fishing with the float tube for the first time this spring today. Earlier wading trips have given small sea trout, but today I saw no trout, but lots of cod and garfish. The cod fell for a new zonker fly - a variation of the Fair Fly that will find its way online soon. The garfish fell for one of my usual small Chillimps. Imagine a fish that can find a #12 fly over 4 meters of water several hundred meters from the coast. It's amazing.

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