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Global Fly Fisher, Fishing in Denmark - May 31st 1996
It is a strange spring
There's still no trout worth mentioning in sight. Amazing! We will soon be half way through the year and the days will be getting shorter, and noone I know has experienced any spring fishing worth mentioning.
I have personally fished all times of the day (including through the night) in all kinds of water from still as a mirror to turbulent and dirty. I haven't caught any number of trout that i would care to reference. There are lots of garfish right now, and I have never caught so many cod in all my life. I even caught two coalfish (Pollachius virens), but just a few sporadic trout.
So now it's summer
And remember that even though the water is only 9 degrees centigrade, it's high season for late evening, night and early morning fishing. Most Danish fishers haven't seen any good day time fishing this year, so they still go out in broad daylight. I personally think that the nights will offer much better fishing; the fish will be out hunting and the wind will often calm down when the sun sets.

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