Danish inshore fishing

By Martin Joergensen

The wind has a strong influence on the behavior of the water, its temperature and the activity of food organisms and trout. The following illustrations all show the situation when a wind is blowing off shore in the four seasons, and show how water will be moved and affect the temperature.

Onshore wind
On shore wind will rarely have the same influence as offshore wind because the wind will only stir the near shore water and not move it very much. Stronger wind might move in surface water from further out towards the coast, but as this surface water will often be the same temperature as the near shore surface water, the overall effect on temperature is relatively small.
But... and there's a big but, onshore wind will stir the shallow water and bring lots of food and debris in suspension. This makes the water unclear and full of food and can mean ideal conditions for hunting fish.
Most fishers will prefer offshore winds which normally means wind in the back, but some people routinely choose onshore wind - and catch a lot of fish.

The seasons
The seasons are covered seperately as the wind has different influence over the year:


The temperatures in the drawings are in degrees Celcius (Centigrade) and correspond to Farenheit almost as follows:

  • -18 Deg.C = 0 Deg.F
  • -10 Deg.C = 14 Deg.F
  • -1 Deg.C = 30 Deg.F
  • 0 Deg.C = 32 Deg.F
  • 1 Deg.C = 34 Deg.F
  • 5 Deg.C = 41 Deg.F
  • 10 Deg.C = 50 Deg.F
  • 15 Deg.C = 59 Deg.F
  • 20 Deg.C = 68 Deg.F
  • 25 Deg.C = 77 Deg.F
  • 30 Deg.C = 86 Deg.F
  • 38 Deg.C = 100 Deg.F

    The formula for converting between the two is



    The optimum temperature for trout is between 9 and 12 deg. Centigrade.

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