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Sluseholmen sluice (Sluseholmen sluse) - Copenhagen - Denmark

Published Nov 1st 2013

This service will help the angler visiting the area find interesting fishing spots, shops and other activities that can be worth spending time on while staying here


Type of water: ocean
Fishing from: bridge
Access to water: from land only
Potential species: garfish, ide, perch, sea trout (sea run), thick-lipped mullet
License: Danish state license
Sluseholmen sluice
Local name: Sluseholmen sluse
City: Copenhagen (København)

A narrow stretch south of the harbor that can be fished from a bridge crossing over the water at the road Ved Stigbordene. Can be fished under most conditions. Current from the tide can be strong.
The sluice is a popular place to fish, and anglers can be met at almost all times and all year.
It is also a place where fly-casters often meet to practice two hand casting in the current. Especially in the weekends and when the weather is good, several long fly rods can be seen in action, and a contingent of casters are often sitting around chatting, drinking coffee.

The location is worth a visit for the sight alone. Both the houses at Sluseholmen with their architecture and canals as well as a walk across the bridge from the road Ved Stigbordene is worth some time. The pedestrian and bicycle bridge will bring you to Amager and a beautiful area called Nokken and Amager Fælled.
On that side of the water (east of the harbor run) you can actually walk north, back to the center of town in about an hour through some pretty nature along the water as well as through some of the newer and quite nice part of the city on Islands Brygge, where you can cross back over the water using one of several bridges.

The sluice

The area is accessible by car, bike and public transport. Parking close by, usually reserved for offices but can be used in a pinch. Bus lines 4A, 10 and 30 all have stops within a few minutes of the location.