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Salmon Flies
Flies for Atlantic and Pacific salmon

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Classic Salmon Fly Patterns

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Discovering the Marbury Lake Flies

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Portraits of Salmon Flies

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The Red and Copper Shrimp

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Atlantic Salmon Flies of Nova Scotia

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Danish tube fly inspiration

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Videos with "Salmon Flies - Flies for Atlantic and Pacific salmon" - More videos about about this subject
Curry's Red Shrimp
Loop Akademi Fly Dresser Stuart Foxall demonstrates how to tie his Curry's Red Shrimp.
UFO Disc Tube Salmon Fly

Materials Used;
Thread, Uni-8/0 Fire Orange or to suit pattern
Inner Tube, Flo-Orange
Outer Tube, Classic US-Tube 6mm Black
First Hackle, Hot Orange Chinese Cock or Hen
Under-Wing, Bucktail Hot Orange and Yellow, SSS Angel Hair HD Orange Flame
Wing,Hot Orange and Sunburst Finn Raccoon
Middle Hackle, Black Hen
Front Hackle, FF Softhackle Sunburst
FF UFO Black Disc

The Bruiser
Master salmon fly tyer Iain Wilson shows you how to tie the fly for July, "The Bruiser", when fishing for salmon and sea trout. For more fly tying tips, check out our latest issue of The Game Fishers Diary on the Fishing TV website or Smart TV App now.
Willie Gunn Flamethrower
Life long salmon fisher and ghillie Martin Ritchie demonstrates how to tie a Willie Gunn Flamethrower.

Tay Salmon Fly's Martin Ritchie demonstrates how to tie the deadly Olivia fly.

Haugur Salmon/Seatrout Fly

The Haugur Icelandic Salmon Fly
Materials Used;
Hook, Mustad Double DL17BN size 8
Thread, Uni Fire Orange 8/0
Tail, Dyed Black Arctic Runner and Accent Electric Blue
Body, Uni-Pearl
Wing,Dyed Black Arctic Runner and Accent Electric Blue
Head, Fire Orange 8/0 thread