Salmon Flies
Flies for Atlantic and Pacific salmon

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A neo-classic Swedish tubefly for salmon.
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BB Cascade

Materials Used;

Threads, Uni-8/0 Fire Orange and Black
Tube, Sean Stanton Signature 14mm
Tag, Fl Chartreuse Diamond Brite or Glister
Back Hackle, Yellow and Orange Hen or Cock
Tail, Veniards Orange Mirror Flash
Rib, Gold or Silver Oval Tinsel
Body, Black Glister or Flash Mixed with a Black Dubbing
Front Hackle, Black Hen or Cock
Eyes, Jungle Cock Optional


Metallica Salmon Fly designed by Mr. Petur Steingrimsson at Big Laxa in Iceland, designed whilst he was listing to a song by Metallica, on state radio Mr. Petur Steingrimsson is over 80 years old and had been a guide on the Laxa for over 60 years

Materials Used;
Hook, Size 6 Double
Thread, Black Uni-8/0
Tag, Oval Silver Tinsel
Tail, Dyed Black Squirrel or Arctic Runner
Body, Hot Green Uni-Floss and Silver Tinsel
Rib, Silver Oval Tinsel or Wire
Wing, Dyed Black Squirrel or Arctic Runner
Hackle, Dyed Black Hen
Front Hackle, Dyed Red Claret Cock or Hen Fibres Top and Bottom

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Bomber Salmon Dry Fly

Materials Used;
Hook, Partridge CS42 size 6
Thread, Black
Tail, White Calf
Body, Natural or dyed Grey Deer Hair
Body Hackle, Natural or Dyed Brown Cock Hackle
Wing, White Calf