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Salmon Flies
Flies for Atlantic and Pacific salmon

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Rusty Rat

In this video I tie a fly called the Rusty Rat. The Rat series was originated in 1911 by Roy Angus Thompson.

Rusty Rat
Tag: Oval gold UNI-Tinsel.

Tail: A few Peacock sword herl.

Body: Rear half, Pumpkin Floss, veiled above by two strand of same floss extending to the middle of the tail, Front half, Peacock herl.

Rib: Oval gold UNI-Tinsel.

Wing: Grey Fox guard hairs.

Collar: Soft grizzly hackle.

Head: Red.

Hairwing Silver Doctor

Materials Used;
Hook-size 11 Silver Salar,
Thread-Uni 8/0 Fire Orange,
Tag-Oval Silver Tinsel and Neon Chinese Red Floss,
Tail-Golden Pheasant Crest and Light Blue Hen Fibres,
Rib-Silver Wire,
Body-Flat Silver Tinsel,
Hackle-Light Blue Hen,
Throat-Guinea Fowl,
Wing-Dye or Bleach Grey Squirrel,Yellow,Red, and Brown Arctic Runner,
Eyes-Small Jungle Cock,
Head-Glo-Brite Floss No4

A step by step for a friend.
Gary Scott Salmon Fly

Materials Used;Hook, Ken Sawada Black Spey size 8
Threads, White and Black Uni-8/0
Tag, UTC Gold Holographic Tinsel
Tails, Dyed Hot Orange and Sunburst Golden Pheasant Crest
Rib, Flat or Oval Gold Tinsel
Body, Yellow Stout Floss and Golden Yellow Opossum or something similar
Under-Wing, Polar Bear Fibre or Sun dyed Sunburst
Sides, Dyed Golden Yellow Jungle Cock
First Hackle, White Eared Pheasant dyed Flame rolled on small flies to keep the dressing in proportion but in the larger flies use the full feather and wind up the body from the Yellow Stout Floss

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Ghillies Fly (Salmon Fly)

Materials Used;
Hook, Gold Patriot size 10
Thread, Uni-8/0 Red
Tag, Oval Gold Tinsel
Tail, Hot Orange Bucktail, Mirror Flash and Hot Orange Arctic Runner
Rib, Oval Gold Tinsel
Body, Gold Holographic Tinsel and Black Floss
Throat, Hot Orange Arctic Runner and Dyed Blue Guinea Fowl
Wing, Sunburst Yellow and Black Arctic Runner
Eyes, Jungle Cock
Head, Glo-Brite Number 4 Floss

Pink Salmon Surf Candy

2013 was a big run year for Pink Salmon on the Skagit River in Washington. Everyone, seemingly, who fishes for Pink Salmon touts the wonders of pink flies, baits and lures -- so this Surf Candy style of fly stays true the Pink color theme.

For the Pink Salmon fly fisher, this fly may be fished on sink tip lines using cast and strip in slow flowing waters or using cast, swing, and hang-down fly delivery in riffles. Pink salmon are often found in relatively shallow water as they migrate along saltwater bay and estuary shorelines, and as they migrate upriver.

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