Small fish that are eaten by big fish

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Martin's Mundane
Sand Eel

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Surf Candy

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Lake Erie Shiner

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Golden shiner

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Lake Erie Shiner

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Blacknosed dace

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Forage fish

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Funky Muddler

The Funky muddler is not a new style of fly, its based on the same idea as the kinky muddler, but is tied with Funky Fibre/EP fibre instead of kinky fibre.
Using bunches of Funky fibres tied in an "X" then folded back on its self you will be able to "stack" the fibre and trim them with a sharp pair of scissors into any 3D shaped fish head.
This stacking of synthetic hair is a great alternative way to add bulk but not weight.
With the range of colours out there you can pretty much intimate any bait fish that swims.
Good luck with the Tying!

Material list
Gills: red Funky fibre

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Baitfish Fly
This is a nice fly for saltwater or freshwater
Bushwhacker weedless baitfish fly

Here's a guide to a weedfree baitfish that you can through into heavy cover, wheteher you're targetting bass in grass, or snag bashing the mangroves. You can throw this into heavy cover and Know that it's going to come back out. In the video I've gone for bluegill colours, but you just need to adjust to suit your fishing situation.
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Hook: offset worm hook
thread 8/0
weedguard: flash coated with CCG flex
body: SF Blend/Kinky fibre
Eyes: 3D stick on
Loon UV fly finish
Small swivel, split ring and spinner blade

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The Simple Anchovy
Simple Flies: The first in a series on fly tying. Flies don't have to be complicated to catch fish. The Simple Flies approach uses just a few materials and a few steps to create easy to tie flies that catch fish.