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Smallmouth and largemouth

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Fishing in New York

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Dicentrarchus labrax

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Bass: The Movie

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Videos with "Bass - Smallmouth and largemouth" - More videos about about this subject
Fly-fishing for bass in Florida
Fly fishing for bass in Florida in a little lake
Fly Fishing for Bass in Florida
Fly Fishing for bass with a # 5 rod for nice action
Chasing Waters "River X" Part 1

Tim, Chris, Jordan, and Eric met up with Brian Sloss and Brian Wise for a trip to "River X" for smallmouth bass on the fly in the middle of winter. If you like the theme song be sure to go to and buy the original version "A few Cold Beers".

A bunch of footage both underwater and above water chasing Australian Bass on Fly in North NSW
Geobass: Papua New Guinea
GEOBASS is a new award-winning epic adventure series following four expedition anglers on an around the world ultimate bass slam journey.Episode #6 features the series season finale, and takes the crew to Papua New Guinea, where the search for the black bass has the boys wondering if their luck has finally run out. Muddy waters create murky outcomes as tension mounts – someone or something is about to snap.
The Stained River - Bass
Just a small part of a 4 day kayak fishing and camping trip up the stained river chasing Australian Bass.

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