Smallmouth and largemouth

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Peacock Bass in Guyana

GEOBASS Season 2: Guyana

After criss crossing the planet last year in a quest to locate and catch unique bass species, the four #GEOBASS anglers are back at it in 2015!

In this episode, GEOBASS take on the jungles of Guyana. Join the team as they search for the elusive three-bar Peacock Bass on the Rewa River.

Thanks to our friends for being a part of the adventure!
Yeti Coolers -
Carhartt -
GoPro -
Mountain Dew -

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Big Bass on the fly

Fly fishing with my best frog catching huge bass with # 5 tackle
To make this frog this is the link
Part # 1
Part # 2

Bass on the fly 2014
Best of Central Texas bass on the fly 2014. Footage from the Colorado River, San Marcos River as well as some local lakes.
My big bass in a # 5 fly rod

fishing lakes in Florida USA with my favorite fly epoxy clouser minnow
here is the link if you want tying

Fly-fishing for bass in Florida
Fly fishing for bass in Florida in a little lake
Fly Fishing for Bass in Florida
Fly Fishing for bass with a # 5 rod for nice action

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