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River Home
Just a bit of a trip fly-fishing the Green River in Utah by drift boat.

Flip Pallot tells the story about a lot of the developments in Florida flats fishing. Essentially an ad for boats, but very well worth the watch.
Hell's Bay Boatworks presents "Uncharted - The History of Hell's Bay Boatworks" A Presslaunch Film starring Hell's Bay Boatworks Founder and Legendary Angler Flip Pallot.

Fish On!
Fly Fishing at Chilean Patagonia
Fly Fishing Utah's Green River
Streamer and Dry Fly Fishing on Utah's Famed Green River with Spinner Fall Guide Service! Utah's Premier Fly Fishing Guide Service Since 1980! Footage from July and August 2014
Betty Blue
Fly fishing with me and a song by Stephen Walters recorded on his mobile phone, great memories

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· New boat - I was growing really tired of my old pontoon boat and decided on getting a kayak again. This time an inflatable one.
· My new toy - Sailing, we are saaailing....! I just bought a cool pontoon boat.