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Don't wade, you idiot!

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A Passion for Steelhead

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Casting trio

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Faults & Fixes

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Videos with "Casting" - More videos about about this subject
Presentation techniques for trout
A 40 minutes film about the different presentation techniques we personally use for trout and grayling fishing (in Norwegian).
Arctic Silver Free Flex
A video about "the most advanced and versatile tool", an "epic and innovative" fly rod (actually "the world's most innovative"). Well, we have heard such praise before, and for now I can only say: man, that handle is ugly! But the video is really nice.
Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing
The Smoky Mountains are as old as time and remain one of the last few wild trout refuges in the Eastern United States.
Casts that catch fish : fly casting...
Casts that Catch Fish, a new fly casting instructional video from Master Fly Casting Instructor Carl McNeil that turns the instructional DVD genre on it's head and gives it a well needed kick up the ass! Stunning shots by super clever cameraman Earl Kingi. It's all there and executed with super high production values, ear tingling audio and plenty of slick effects and animations - courtesy of the funky people at On the Fly productions.
Crazy as ever and now on video! Sexy Loops has a trailer out for the DVD called "Revolution". Looks good and, eh... different.
If there's a thing called fish porn, this is the cum shot compilation (if you'll pardon my French!). One long row of fish taking flies. Neat!

About "Casting" from Blog Creek – GFF's weblog
· Summer casting party - Sunshine, lots of fly rods, a large grass lawn, good company and sausages on the barbecue. Whatīs not to like?
· Tupperware-party with fly rods - We had some fun tonight with a bunch of CTS-rods built by Danish Ussing & Bech
· New shooting line - I don't change my habits easily, but this shooting line may be something I will start using