Deer Hair
Thick, spongy hair from all kinds of deer

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Mercer's Missing Link
Detailed instructions for tying Mercer's Missing Link.

Here's a step by step guide to a classic permit pattern, the McCrab deer hair crab, recommended by several Yucatan guides and lodges as a must have fly.
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Hook: Saltwater hook of your choice size 2-2/0
Thread: tan
Body: Deer hair and marabou
Legs/claws: knotted rubber bands
Eyes: epoxy coated mono
Adhesive: super glue and UV resin
Weight: dumbell eyes and Loon tungsten powder *optional

Music on this video by Nick Weston/Morlais
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Better Elk Hair Caddis

Learn a few cool tricks to tie a better, more durable Elk Hair Caddis
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Chubby Chaser
This is the first in a series of fly tying videos by Oregon Fly Fishing Blog's Matt and Nate Stansberry. Based in Cleveland, the Stansberry brothers are fly fishing the backwaters of Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes for four species of bass, and some toothier predators. This fly in particular is called the Chubby Chaser. It's a spun deerhair bass bug designed to be fished on a sinking line on deep structure. The fly floats or suspends off the bottom. Try these in white, black, or other color combinations for any warmwater predators. Buy materials at
Orange Madam X

Hook: 2xl Dry #12 - #16
Thread: Orange
Tail: Brown Deer Hair
Body: Orange Thread
Wing: Brown Deer Hair
Legs: Yellow Crazy Legs

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· Classic Clouser - Tied my first Clouser Minnows ever a few minutes ago. What a fly!