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Deer Hair
Thick, spongy hair from all kinds of deer

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Eastern Green Drake

This is one of the most exciting hatches in Pennsylvania waters. Green Drakes begin to show up around Memorial Day weekend.

Fly Tyer - Jared Plisko -
Edit- Nick Cramer -

Deer Hair Ant

The Deer Hair Ant is a super simple ant pattern. The Deer Hair Ant actually only uses a single material, Deer Hair! The Deer Hair Ant is a high floating and life like ant pattern. I prefer to trail the Deer Hair Ant behind a hopper or larger terrestrial. This makes detecting a strike much easier. The Deer Hair Ant can be tied in many sizes, my favorite is a #14. Very deadly in the heat of the summer and a must have in any later summer trout fly box. Give one a try! Very easy to tie!

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Dave's Hopper

The Dave's Hopper is a favorite "go to" Hopper Pattern for many fly fishers. The high floating properties and life like appearance of the Dave's Hopper, make it one of the best Grasshopper Patterns ever developed. The Dave's Hopper was created by fly tying mastermind Dave Whitlock. The Dave's Hopper is made to be fished in the heat of summer and flopped down near the bank (where hoppers tend to fall or be blown into the river). The Dave's Hopper is a great indicator for the "Hopper Dropper" technique and is extremely deadly on hungry trout.

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Spinning and Stacking Deer Hair

Spinning and Stacking Deer Hair is a popular technique used to build bodies and heads on flies. Spinning Deer Hair can be frustrating to learn, and this video will walk you through the basics on Spinning and Stacking. "Spinning" Deer Hair is used to ensure even coverage and dismemberment of Deer Hair around the hook. The "Stacking" (or compressing) of the deer hair, ensures a dense body or head. Spinning Deer Hair is used on flies such as the Mouse Rat, Muddler Minnow and Goddard Caddis. Start practicing! This is a really fun trick to master!

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X Caddis
X Caddis Fly Tying Video Instructions CLICK For The Materials Used In The Video: Be sure to "like" this video and subscribe to for more In The Riffle Videos!!

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