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Dry Flies
Flies fished in the surface

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Tom Thumb/Double Humpy
Materials Used;Hook, Kamasan B160 size 12 Thread, Black Uni-8/0 Wings, Costal Deer or any which you like to use for this style of fly.. Body, Black, Red and Black Ice Dub Back, Deer Hair
Cream Snowshoe Spinner

Hook: 2xl Dry #12-#14
Thread: Cream
Tail: Micro Fibbets
Body: Snowshoe Foot Dubbing
Wingpad: White Foam
Wing: Snowshoe Foot

Swisher's Royal PMX
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties Swisher's Royal PMX
West Branch Sulphur

Hook: Curved Shank #18 - #20
Thread: Cream
Tail: Micro Fibetts
Abdomen: Stripped Peacock Herl
Thorax: Pale Sulphur Dubbing
Wing: White Poly Yarn
Hackle: Pale Yellow CDC

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