Dry Flies
Flies fished in the surface

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Catskill Classic Light Hendrickson

Hook: Std Dry #12 - #16
Thread: grey
Tail: Blue Dun Hackle
Body: Urine Stained Red Fox Belly
Wing: Wood Duck Flank
Hackle: Blue Dun Hackle

Fishing Large Dry Flies

As part of the "From Vise to Water" series, in this episode, I discuss various situations and ways in which I prefer to fish large dry flies. A variety of topics is discussed, including types of water, the dry-dropper setup, and fishing tandem flies.

Thanks for viewing this YouTube fly tying tutorial, and I encourage you to view my additional videos at the following website: http://www.troutandfeather.com

Feel free to leave any questions/comments on this YouTube page, or you can email me: tcammisa@gmail.com

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Wally Wing Rusty Spinner
Detailed instructions for tying a Wally Wing Rusty Spinner.
Catskill Classic March Brown

Hook:Std Dry #12- #16
Thread: Orange
Tail: Ginger Hackle
Body: Tan Red Fox Dubbing
Wing: Wood Duck Flank
Hackle: Grizzly / Ginger

Tan Adams Parachute Dry Fly

In this fly tying tutorial, I feature a fly that doesn't seem to get a lot of attention, the Tan Adams. This is a fly that tends to ride under the radar, as most anglers opt towards the traditional Adams in grey, though this one does an excellent job of imitating lighter-colored insects, such as caddisflies. If you enjoy fishing the Adams, then I recommend you try the Tan Adams out; you won't be disappointed!

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Extended Body Green Drake Fly
This fly tying video will walk you through the steps on how to tie an Extended Body Green Drake Fly with elk hair. Tied by John Wolter

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