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Dry Flies
Flies fished in the surface

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The Rising Salar

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A Newfoundland Adventure

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February Red

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The Super Pupa

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This fly is NOT called Europe!

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Duck's extended body

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A New Look at the Grannom

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The Fish & The Fly Q&A

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The Fish & The Fly 1-3

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Plu Stiniog

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Catskill Wood Duck Wing
Dave Brandt demonstrates how to tye a traditional Catskill Dry Fly wing with Wood Duck.
Beaconbeige Dry Fly
This fly comprises the third round of the Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine Fly Tying League 2014/15.
Devaux Style Dry Fly

Hook, Kamasan B170 size 12
Thread, Light Olive
Tail, Whiting Coq de Leon Fibres
Body, Dyed Olive Peacock Quill
Hackles, Brown Partridge Dyed Yellow or Olive, Olive and Grey Indian Cock

Thorax Style Sulphur Dun
Detailed instructions for tying a Thorax Style Sulphur Dun.
Dorato Hare's Ear
Detailed instructions for tying a Dorato Hare's Ear.
Barbel on dry fly in Spain
Enjoy stalking to the European bonefish. The best of the trout fishing and bonefish fishing in one. Sight fishing, shallows, dry fly, fantastic weather, delicious meals…

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