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Dry Flies
Flies fished in the surface

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The Rising Salar

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A Newfoundland Adventure

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February Red

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The Super Pupa

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This fly is NOT called Europe!

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Duck's extended body

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The Flies that Catch Fish

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A New Look at the Grannom

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The Fish & The Fly 1-3

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Plu Stiniog

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The Little Things in Life
I suspect that life is about appreciating the small things in life. The small discoveries, the small explorations, the small & subtle moments. These little things add up to a life well lived. While they may only be relative to ourselves, sometimes sharing them simply adds to another person's life. This is another quick & imperfect edit of a moment Amelia was able to enjoy this past week. We had literally no expectation as we tip toed into a tiny tributary stream.

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Sky High Dry Fly
Testing of Twigg & Barry Sky High 3wt 8'4" fly rod on rainbow trout and bulltrout. Classic late season dry fly fishing!
Barbel on the dry fly in Spain

Promotional film for Luis Maena. The film is on the unique dry fly fishing for barbel that you only will find in Spain. This film was made with two cameramen, on of them partially doubling as fly fisher.The job took four days to film and another two days in edit. Check out our website for more information on our work. corecom.tv

Dry Fly Chub

Fell in love with dry flies, amazing first contacts with such huge Fishes as fly fishing greenhorn.
music: Son Lux - Easy (Switch Screens) feat. Lorde

BM Dry Fly
Tying the Biot Mayfly dry fly. Quick and simple with very few materials, but works brilliantly!
Thorax Dun

Hook: Std dry #12 - #18
Thread: Black
Tail: Dun Hackle
Body: Light Brown Dubbing
Wing: Partridge
Hackle: Sandy Dun

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