Dry Flies
Flies fished in the surface

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Klinkhammer Special
Klinkhammer Special (variant)
Transformer Midge

This is a great all-round dry fly pattern which will represent a Hawthorn, Gnat and Adult Midge..It is worth tying in a smaller size as well and instead of CDC as the wing a pearly flash can be used...

Materials Used;

Hook, Kamasan B160 size 14
Thread, Uni-8/0 Black
Body, Small or Micro Black Suede Chenille
Legs, Pre-Knotted Black Pheasant Tail
Wing, Natural CDC Feathers
Thorax, Dyed Black Peacock Herl
Hackle, Grizzle Cock

Mosquito fly
Quilled body mosquito fly
Adams Irresistable

Hook: 2xl #12 - #20
Thread: Black
Tail: Beaver Guard Hairs
Body: Spun Grey Deer Hair
Wings: Grizzly Hackle Tips
Hackle: Grizzly/Coachman Brown

Dry Fly Floatants

As part of the "From Vise to Water" series, in this episode, I discuss the various dry fly floatants that I use, specifically some used when pretreating and those applied on the water. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to catch rising trout with a dry fly that won't float, thus I hope this video can be of benefit to all.

Thanks for viewing this YouTube fly fishing tutorial, and I encourage you to view my additional videos at the following website: http://www.troutandfeather.com

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The Usual
Matt from theflypatch.com ties Fran Better's Usual. If you are familiar with the original recipe you'll notice that I tie the fly in a slightly different fashion and much buggier. I find it to be more effective but if you want a true copy than all you need to do is clean it up a bit.

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