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Hooks for fly tying

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Tying Small Flies

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Anatomy of a salmon fly

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Hook anatomy

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Hooks for streamers

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Mustad hooks

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North Country flies on blind hooks

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Selecting hooks for saltwater

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The biggest catch - hooking yourself

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The Salmon Fly Proportion, Design & Layout Guide

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Hook selection

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Visiting Partridge of Redditch

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Hooks break

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Debarbing Hooks

In this fly tying tutorial, I explain two methods that I employ when debarbing hooks. These are based on the type of vise that you use, and both are explained during the video. I prefer to debarb hooks prior to tying, and encourage all of you to do the same. Though hooks with barbs do have a place in fishing, catch and release is the preferred style for me and many others; fishing with barbless hooks aligns with this style and is my recommendation for all to use.

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Flies into action
In the film using a new method of presentation of artificial flies.Method Buldo is floating wire and 4 artificial flies.I hope it develops in AMERICA.For more video with instructions enter the site. (Ed.: I had a very hard time placing this on the map based on the language spoken, but I guess it's Romanian.. And we have more on Buldo or float fishing with a fly here. Martin)

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