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Early Season Trout Fishing in Perth...

Join us for the first of this seasons trout fishing shows from Perthshire. In this show, Greig discusses early season tactics for overwintered fish and has a cast on the newly reopened Butterstone Loch which is without a doubt one of Scotland's most scenic fisheries. As always, we love to hear your feedback so please, get in touch with us via our website at www.flyfishingchannel.tvHope you enjoy the show!

Strobel Lake - Argentina Fly Fishin...

Stroble - Camera & Edit by Todd Moen
For this and more go to
Special thanks to Katherine Hart co-owner at Rajeff Sports for making things happen in unbelievably tough conditions.

A huge thanks to the Karim Jodor and the crew at Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge located in the Patagonia region of Argentina.
For more info about fly fishing this amazing destination for giant rainbow trout go to

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The Clinic - Pyramid Lake
This short film features a still-water fly-fishing clinic held by guides Matt "Gilligan" Koles and Doug Ouellette. No monsters were caught this particular day but all of the clients hooked up with cutthroat trout on an otherwise slow day.
Monster Trout in Iceland, fly fishi...
Monster trout in Iceland, Outdoor channel, fly fishing in iceland. Big trout, in Lake Thingvellir

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