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Tying and Fishing the Booby Fly

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A little something from the first dry fly day of the season.

Music: "Funghi Perfecti" performed and written by Jazz & Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing Ladybower

Fly fishing at Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak District National Park.

This was a self shot video so lots of back and forth between fishing and the camera. I hope this gives a flavour of the Peak District and the reservoir fishing available here.

Flats Fishing Alaska Style

A few years back we cruised up to interior Alaska in search of some fabled flats fishing for Lake Trout. What we found was nothing short of amazing.

Music By:

Virgin Waters

The WildFly crew set out to explore some new water in the KZN midlands, rumors of smallmouth and largemouth bass swimming with monster trout.

Underwater Takes - High Mountain La...
Have you ever wondered what it looks like underwater when a fish eats your fly? Some follow for a while curious but unwilling, while others attack the fly the moment it hits the water! Filming this video was insightful to say the least, and although fly fishing high mountain lakes may not always produce large fish, the excitement is second to none.

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