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Vis a Dun Baetis
An extremely effective pattern from John Barr. The Vis-a-Dun can be tried in many color schemes and sizes to match various mayfly species. We use it mainly for baetis and pale morning duns. This fly floats well and is very durable.
Leggy Sheelin May
Brilliant pattern again with pseudo hackle for when the mayfly is hatching
Improved Cripple Mayfly
The Missoulian Angler Fly Shop Improved Cripple Mayfly Fly Tying Video
Brothers On The Mayfly
Mayfly season: The time that keeps most flyfishermen dreaming of that big trout caught on a dry. Once the first mayflies are hatching, however, we often realize that the time of times might not live up to our expectations and memories. What is it for you: A blessing or a curse?
Real. Easy. Mayfly

This is a relatively realistic and easy to tie mayfly pattern. Mix and match colors.Buy these materials online: