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Really small flies

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Moose Hair Chironomid

It's no secret that mids are consistent stillwater producers. This Moose Hair Chironomid always has a place in my stillwater fly box. UV resins make these flies far less time consuming and much easier to tie. Tie a few up and give them a shot!

Material List:

Thread: UTC 70 black

Hook: Daiichi 1130 #12
Rib: Moose Hair
Thorax: Root beer krystal flash
Wing Buds: Spirit River Flex-Floss - Red
Resin: Clear Cure Goo Hydro

Olive Lite-Brite Buzzer/Midge Pupa

Materials Used;Hook, Kamasan B110 size 10
Thread,UTC 70 Black
Ribs, Light Olive Stretch Floss and Silver Holographic Hanked Lite-Brite
Wingbuds, Silver Holographic Hanked Lite-brite