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CDC Midge Emerger

Hook:2xl Dry #12 - #18
Thread: Olive
Body: Stripped Peacock Herl
Rib: Green Super Hair
Thorax: Dark Brown Krystal Dubbing
Wing: White CDC

Pheasant Tail Midge Pupa

Materials Used;
Hook, Size 14
Thread, Uni-8/0 Dark Brown
Rib, Pearl Thread or Tinsel
Body, Pheasant Tail
Wingbuds, Goose Biots dyed Sunburst
Thorax, Natural Rabbit, Red Fox Squirrel and Orange Lite-Brite
Breather/Gills. Go-Brite Yarn No.16

Neapolitan Chironomid
An ice cream cone style Chironomid pattern. This version is tied for use at Pyramid Lake, NV. Size the hook, bead and wire for your local fishery.
Blood Midge Blues

Quick fly fishing trip to the sierras to enjoy the outdoors, hungry trout, and cold nights.

Film/Edit: Tony Modugno
Angler: Casey Underwood
Music: Kaki King - Can The Gwot Save Us?
Diamond Messages - Liquid Summer

The Twisted Sister Midge
TheTwisted Sister is a simple little midge pattern. It's easy to tie and the color combinations are endless.
Super Midge Pupa

Materials Used;
Hook, Kamasan B110 size 10
Thread, Danvilles Fly Master 6/0 Black
Rib, Stripped Natural Peacock Quill
Back, Small or Medium UTC Opal Mirage Tinsel
Body, Black Thread and Accent Red Krystal Flash
Wingbuds, Edge-Bright Flo-Orange
Breathers, White Floss