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The Trout Diaries

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Fishy photos: Stu Hastie

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The Trout Diaries

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New Zealand Fly and Sight Fishing
Our trip in NZ Fly and Sight Fishing..(6 weeks)
New Zealand 2014 - Recap
A recap from our amazing New Zealand trip january 2014
The Motu River-North Island - NZ
Looking at trout fishing from another angle - scuse the pun.
Backcountry - North Island Official...

The backcountry of New Zealand holds a special place in the heart of all Kiwis. “Going bush” is a national past time, and Kiwi fly fishers like nothing better than the sun on their backpack, the cold touch of a mountain stream and the opportunity to sight fishing to giant trout in pristine settings.

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It's all part of the story

'It's all part of the story'
Come along on a late season overnight guided trip at the top of New Zealands South Island with myself - Mike Kirkpatrick of Latitude Guiding, and long time danish client Kresten Ovesen. A few 'hitches' along the way mean a rough start for the big fella but some quality fishing more than makes up for a heavy cold, wasp stings, broken sunglasses and busted rod.

Wet Fly New Zealand Fishing
Wet Fly New Zealand Fishing with John Horsey

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· The video formerly known as... - I attended the sneak preview of the video Only the River Knows, formerly known as The Trout Also Rises. Great video! I'm looking forward to reviewing the DVD.