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Ken's Incredibly Simple Shrimp

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Tight Line Shrimp

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Allan's Winter Shrimp

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Shrimp anatomy for the fly tyer

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Mini Pig

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Meko Special

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The Killer Shrimp

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Shrimp fly theme

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Kern's Perfect Leo Shrimp

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Colored Mono Eyes

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The Pink Pig - Pattegrisen

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Shrimp Gurgler

Shrimp Gurgler Recipe:
Hook: Tiemco 800S #2
Tail: Tan or White Finn Raccoon or Arctic Fox
Eyes: Epoxy Mono Crab Eyes any color
Body: Tan or White 2mm Foam and Tan or White Schlappen Feather
Thread: 210 Tan or White Denier
Adhesive: Hard as Hull

All Materials Used Can Be Purchased At Our Flint Creek Outfitters Locations
Tampa FL - Ocala FL

Pro Shrimp
Here is one of my favorite flies for saltwater seatrout. The Pro Shrimp is a durable super effective fly that work well most of the season, but really shines durring the cold season. If you like the video please subscribe to my you tube channel..
Rainbow pig

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Fat Sancho

The Fat Sancho is a saltwater shrimp imitation. It's a realistic imitation that's relatively easy to tie.
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Pattegrisen Shrimp variant

Materials Used;
Hook, Saltwater Shrimp
Thread, Uni-Fire Orange
Legs, Red Polar Bear or Bucktail, Diamond Brite Sand Shrimp and Sherbet Dubbing mixed, Coral Rhea and Pink Peacock
Eyes, Black Easy Shrimp Eyes
Rib, Pink Wire
Body, Diamond Brite Sand Shrimp and Sherbet Dubbing Mixed or something similar...
Body Hackle, Chinese Cock dyed Coral and Peach
Back, Salmon Pink Antron Yarn