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Ken's Incredibly Simple Shrimp

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Tight Line Shrimp

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Allan's Winter Shrimp

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Shrimp anatomy for the fly tyer

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Mini Pig

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Martin's Mundane Shrimp

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Meko Special

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The Killer Shrimp

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Shrimp fly theme

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Kern's Perfect Leo Shrimp

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Colored Mono Eyes

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The Pink Pig - Pattegrisen

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Black and White Shrimp
Shrimp inverted of new conception
A copper magic Shrimp
This is a step.-by-step description of how to tie the Magic Shrimp
Make Easy Shrimp, Crab or Bug Eyes
Here's an easy way to make monofilament eyes for shrimp, crab or any other buggy critter you want to tie.
Quick shrimp
An easy way of tying shrimp imitations for coastal fishing. In Swedish, but easy to follow
How to tie a shrimp pattern fly
Learn how Dave Schmezer ties his incredible lifelike shrimp pattern. Dave ties for The Fly Fisherman in Tittusville and he uses H2O products and clear cure goo.