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Fat Sancho

The Fat Sancho is a saltwater shrimp imitation. It's a realistic imitation that's relatively easy to tie.
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Pattegrisen Shrimp variant

Materials Used;
Hook, Saltwater Shrimp
Thread, Uni-Fire Orange
Legs, Red Polar Bear or Bucktail, Diamond Brite Sand Shrimp and Sherbet Dubbing mixed, Coral Rhea and Pink Peacock
Eyes, Black Easy Shrimp Eyes
Rib, Pink Wire
Body, Diamond Brite Sand Shrimp and Sherbet Dubbing Mixed or something similar...
Body Hackle, Chinese Cock dyed Coral and Peach
Back, Salmon Pink Antron Yarn

Lipstick Shrimp

Step by step flytying with Fluefiskern Eivind Berulfsen.

Hook : Owner Kappa size 6.
Thread: Uni 6/0 white.
Mouthpart: Underfur of natural polar bear.
Antennas: Natural polar bear.
Trigger point: STF dub - white transparent
A red permanent marker.
Eyes: Uv resin.
Body: Under fur of natural polar bear, mixed with a little ice dub uv pearl.

Red Shrimp Intruder
Loop Akademi Fly Dresser Stuart Foxall demonstrates how to tie his Red Shrimp Intruder.

Some of the best patterns to fish are those that use simple materials and are easier to tie, thus defining the "Squimp!" A combination squid and shrimp with excellent movement in the water, this pattern is a favorite for many saltwater fly fisherman and becoming a staple in my saltwater fly box. The best part is that the fly can be easily varied by modifying the materials and/or colors, thus making it a favorite for those creative at the vise, too. My final tip is that this fly can also be altered to resemble a crayfish, thus giving freshwater fly fisherman some additional ideas.

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