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Patagonia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and much more

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Rio Pico
Fly fishing in Rio Pico, Chubut, Argentina. Latitud Sur Anglers
The Peacock Bass teaser
Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass in Colombia!
Fish On!
Fly Fishing at Chilean Patagonia
Rio Limay Fly Casting Patagonia

Video made April 22nd and 29th 2015 on the first leg of the Rio Limay, which divides the province of Rio Negro and Neuquen in Argentina

North Patagonia - Argentina

A commercial, but lots of nice fishing and landscapes.
You will see many anglers catching fighters rainbow and brown trout in amazing landscapes, services offered by Andes Drifters and testimonies of anglers. Fishing at limay river, malleo river, collon cura river, alumine river, chimehuin river, caleufu river, nahuel mapi creeck, tromen lake.

Fly Fishing Pacu and Dorado in Para...
Fly-fishing Dorado, Pacú and another species in Paraná River, Puerto Rzepecky, La Regina Lodge, Corrientes, Argentina.