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Fishing in snow, ice, frost

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The film is about winter fishing for Teviot grayling
Fisherman Snow
Fisherman Snow, Patagonia Chile
Winter outing to the area of the Co...
Winter is here, our beautiful savages reproduice quietly in our beloved rivers, forcing us to stay at home, away from the great wild spaces. The need to breathe being too strong, we decided to go for a ride to the reservoir at Coyolles where Vincent and Celine welcomed us to their water.
Here, streamers are prohibited, dry fly and nymph only allowed.
A breath of fresh air and good mood before we have to wait more than three months before we can go back on the road with our waders to the great outdoors.
Music: Milky chance, "Running"
À Contre-Courant: Le froid, la nei...

It might still be too warm to think about winter, but, in our opinion, it's always the right time to think about good times spent steelhead fishing. So, max out the A/C, stick your feet in the fridge and get yourselft a coffee; this is a video shot last March on the incomparable (for better or for worst) Salmon River, N.Y.
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Signs of Spring
A spring fly fishing trip just as winter was starting to release its grip.
The Beaten Path
We took the beaten path this winter. When it comes to fly fishing in Colorado in the winter, there are plenty of waters with walkways lined with guard-rails, bent grass paths, paved parking lots, and pet fish to find. Waters that everyone knows. Waters that everyone fishes. This is The Beaten Path.

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· Bloody weather! - Sorry for the politically very incorrect heading, but bloody weather is just what we have right now and have had for a month or two
· Absolutely last trip! - I managed to squeeze in one more trip before 2008
· Severely struck - I have a heavy inflamation of cabin fever now -- and winter hasn't even really started yet