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Fishing in snow, ice, frost

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Springtime In Detroit

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A long winter

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1st spring trip

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Winter fishing

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Measuring the temperature

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The Pink Pig - Pattegrisen

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Waiting for spring

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Winter fishing

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Cold but no ice

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Danish winter

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Winter walk

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The ultimate day for fly fishing se...
The spring is slowly turning some frosty flyfishermen into living creatures again after hibernate through the ice cold winter.
A Modest March Mission for Trout
Kelly, Mark, Sarah, Richard and I head a little ways North to the only water open this time of year. Shot and edited by Dan Pousette.
Snow and Ice teaser
Teaser for the up coming EvoProductions HD Winter fly fishing video. The full length "Snow and Ice" film will cover everything from trout feeding habits in the winter to trout winter habitat. It even will cover the Rainbow spawn in early spring!
Rush Hour

A creative collaboration with cinematographer Alex Horner where I got to combine my loves of fly fishing and film making. Thanks to Steve Speers at CineMechanics for letting us test drive his sweet new anamorphic primes. Shot on the Rush River, Wisconsin.

Director/Editor/Angler: Brian Slater (
Cinematographer: Alex Horner (
Lenses: Steve Speers (
Music: LaLiberte (
The Muscle: Aaron Richey

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Cabin Fever

Everyone gets a little "Cabin Fever" this time of the year, so HFA Guides Andy Jenkins and Tyler Treece decided they couldn't take it anymore and hit the water. This is just some good old fish action that will get the blood flowing and make you want to get on the water.

Thanks for watching!

Fistful of Sand By: The Bravery

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Ouverture truite 2014

A small summary of the opening of the first fly-fishing in Guisane (Hautes-Alpes), nymph exclusively
Photo: Quentin Gregory
Editing: Quentin

Résumé de l'ouverture de la pêche en première catégorie dans la Guisane (Hautes-alpes) à la mouche (en nymphe exclusivement), des poissons au rendez-vous et surtout de beaux poissons, à regarder en HD et en plein écran!
Images: Quentin et Gregory
Montage: Quentin

About "Winter - Fishing in snow, ice, frost" from Blog Creek GFF's weblog
· Bloody weather! - Sorry for the politically very incorrect heading, but bloody weather is just what we have right now and have had for a month or two
· Absolutely last trip! - I managed to squeeze in one more trip before 2008
· Severely struck - I have a heavy inflamation of cabin fever now -- and winter hasn't even really started yet