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Salmon Flies
Flies for Atlantic and Pacific salmon

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Classic Salmon Fly Patterns

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Discovering the Marbury Lake Flies

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Portraits of Salmon Flies

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Pink Salmon Surf Candy

2013 was a big run year for Pink Salmon on the Skagit River in Washington. Everyone, seemingly, who fishes for Pink Salmon touts the wonders of pink flies, baits and lures -- so this Surf Candy style of fly stays true the Pink color theme.

For the Pink Salmon fly fisher, this fly may be fished on sink tip lines using cast and strip in slow flowing waters or using cast, swing, and hang-down fly delivery in riffles. Pink salmon are often found in relatively shallow water as they migrate along saltwater bay and estuary shorelines, and as they migrate upriver.

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Another Wulff Den style buckbug
Fly tying a buck bug for Atlantic Salmon
Coho Coconut
Boobie style coho salmon fly
Coho Salmon Bucktail Trolling Fly

Trolling Bucktail style flies for Coho Salmon is an art that has come out of practice here off the Oregon coast since both wild and hatchery silver salmon runs tanked in the 1990s. Improved regulation of ocean fisheries and better survival conditions have resulted in some fairly robust runs of wild Silvers in most Oregon coastal rivers.

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Saltwater Coho Salmon Deceiver

Coho Salmon are as likely to feed on little shrimp and various larvae as to feed on good-sized baitfish in the ocean, but when they want bait, they will chase streamer style flies with gusto.

I wanted to adapt the Deceiver fly style to a streamer that I could cast-and-strip in the open ocean when I thought I was somewhere within range of feeding Silvers. Pinks and blues are colors I have incorporated into flies that have been well received by Coho in the ocean, so that's where I started with the design of this fly.

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