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Smallmouth and largemouth

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Geobass: Colombia
GEOBASS is a new epic adventure series following four expedition anglers on an around the world ultimate bass slam journey.GEOBASS episode 1 takes place on one of the most hostile waterways of Colombia. So no guarantees on an episode 2.
Fishing with poppers for smallmouth...

Ian & Charity Rutter discuss fly fishing for smallmouth bass with popping bugs in rivers and streams around the Smoky Mountain region.

Mid summer float through the Nolichucky Gorge throwing top water poppers for smallmouth bass!!! Every fish you see in this video was caught and released usin.

Fly fishing on a small MN river in August using Roadkill bass poppers. Brad Miller lands a 19 beautiful smallmouth bass. Roadkill poppers are exclusive to F.

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Flyfishing WebbervilleTX
November 2012 Flyshing for largmouth on the Colorado with Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides in Austin, TX
Emerald Shiner

The Emerald Shiner is a common bait fish in the Great Lakes that our steelhead love to feed on. It only makes sense to offer more of the same during their fall runs.Both steelhead and smallmouth love this fly, showing their affection by absolutely crushing it.

Like Swimming Ducks
This video was shot in Italy at "Casaleggio Lake", we have fished black bass and carp.
Tough Conditions Smallmouth Bass
How to fish for Smallmouth Bass in tough conditions.

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