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Aimed at beginning tyers and anglers

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What is fly-fishing?

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Neguinha Fulô

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Buying soft hackle

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Buying Deer Hair

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My first flies

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A very versatile material

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Martin's Mundane
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How to fish with more than one fly

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The only knot

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Introduction To Fly Tying
In this informative video, Poul takes the beginner into the exciting world of “fly tying”. Through an easy to understand process, Poul guides the beginner through the basics of fly tying, including the tools and materials needed for tying each of the seven selected flies. Learning these important basics will provide the beginner with a greater understanding of the artistic challenge of tying “fishing flies”.
Fly Tying Class Part #2: Tying in M...
This is the second in a series of fly tying classes for beginners (newbs). This video includes instruction on various ways to tie different types of materials onto the hook