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Fly-fishing the 41st

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Fly Fishing for Brook Trout in the ...

This is lost footage from the summer of 2013. Fly Fishing in the U.P. for native Brook Trout. Credits go to Kevin Olsick of Illinois and Jon Droska for showing me his incredible, classic Black Ghost. I hope you enjoy this video.

Fly Fishing for Alpine Trout - Taur...

Flyfishing in Austria for brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout in the river Taurach. Fliegenfischen in Österreich auf Saibling, Bachforelle und Regenbogenforelle in der Taurach. Visit us:,,

Native Brook Trout

Fly fishing in Maine for native brook trout. Music: "Caddis" by Isan

Hooke on the river
Salmon and brookies in Quebec
No Signs Here
Robert and Jeff go trouting for Brookies on one of the thousands of untouched, high mountain streams of Western North Carolina. The same caddis fly imitation (seen in the video) provided us with upwards of 30 beautiful brookies, and about twice as many misses. If you can stay out of the trees, an accurate cast will be rewarded.
McCoy Spring Creeks
McCoy Spring Creeks is located near Dillon in Montana’s fabled Beaverhead Valley, renowned for its stunning vistas, including the towering Ruby, Blacktail, and Pioneer mountain ranges. With an extensive variety of stream habitats - long, meandering pools, deep holes, riffles, sluices, and structure - these waters present challenges worthy of the most dedicated trout anglers. They also offer opportunities for all of the classic fly fishing techniques, from dry flies to streamers and nymphs. Long beats and careful limits on guest numbers guarantee privacy and a world-class angling adventure.