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Brown Trout
Salmo trutta - the most commonly fished fish in the world

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Videos with "Brown Trout - Salmo trutta - the most commonly fished fish in the world" - More videos about about this subject
Fly fishing can be challenging, and some trout even become a total nemesis for some fly fishermen.
Kola Peninsula - Fly fishing for br...

Kai Finbråten and Kristian Solli went to Kola Peninsula in Russia, to catch brown trouts on the fly.

Film: Kai Finbråten and Kristian Solli
Edit: Kristian Solli
Fishermen: Kristian Solli, Kai Finbråten, Christian Herzog, Darren Lue, Christopher Rownes, Mario Tiedemann.

Eileen (Lee Rosevere) / CC BY-NC 3.0

No.02 (Room For A Ghost) / CC BY 3.0

Loyalsock Spring '14
Trip to Worlds End State Park for my 21st birthday to enjoy a weekend full of fly fishing and campfires.
Fishing the Strawberry River
Jim O'Neal takes a student fishing on the Strawberry River in eastern Utah as part of the O'Neal Fly Fishing School.
The Willow Grubbers
Fly fishing New Zealands Mataura River for the finicky willow grub feeding brown trout
Spring Time Fishing on the Big Horn...
Steven and Montana Matt hit the Big Horn River in Montana for big rainbow trout, brown trout and the elusive native Montana bonefish. My Moto on the river is if your fly isn't in the water your not going to catch a fish!