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The Super Pupa

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This fly is NOT called Europe!

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Double Legs

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Duck's extended body

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A New Look at the Grannom

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Action Emerging Caddis

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Hare's Ear Bug

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My First Fly Hatch

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Shark's Caddis Larva

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The Tabou Caddis Emerger

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Videos with "Caddis" - More videos about about this subject
Folke Fly
A quick caddis fly tied in Roy Christies reversed parachute style.
Silvey's Primetime Caddis
This video demonstrates how to tie a Silvey's Primetime Caddis pattern. The highly effective caddis pattern can be fished swing style or dead drift.
Silvey's Bead Head Caddis Pupae
This video demonstrates how to tie a Silvey's Bead Head Caddis Pupae pattern. This deadly caddis pattern works all over the world.
Silvey's Visible Caddis
This video is about Silvey's Visible caddis ly pattern. Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie this deadly caddis imitation.
Fox's Poopah
Fox's Poopah Fly Tying Video by Tony Torrence. This very popular sub surface caddis pupae is excellent on most western rivers swung or nymphed.
Caddis Crawler
Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie a simple but very effective sub-surface caddis fly imitaton.