Duck's arse feathers

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CDC Spinner

Materials used;

Hook, Size 16 Partridge SLD Patriot Dry Fly
Thread, Uni-8/0 Light Cahill
Tail, Light Yellow Microfibets or Hackle Fibres
Rib, Cahill Thread Coloured with Amber Pen
Thorax, Tan and Orange Dubbing
Wing, Natural or White CDC

CDC Transitional Midge
Detailed instructions for tying Rene Harrop's CDC Transitional Midge.
LW's Sulphur F-Plus

In this fly tying tutorial, I talk about a really unique dry fly from Loren Williams, known as the F-Plus. Mr. Williams took an effective fly, the "F" fly from Europe, and modified it to make it even better! I talk about the changes during this video, additionally focusing on the fact that different types of mayflies can be tied with this pattern. This is a great pattern featuring CDC, and one that comes highly recommended.

To view more patterns at Loren Williams' site, check out the following link:

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Tungsten and CDC shrimp
Fly tying with John Tyzack
CDC Thorax Dun

This video shows how to tie the CDC Thorax Dun in the style of Rene Harrop. This is a versatile pattern that can be tied in several sizes and colors to match many mayfly species. The coloration in this video matches that of a Blue Winged Olive or Baetis Mayfly.