Coastal Fishing
fishing the ocean from the coast

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Sea Trout Secrets 5+6

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Best Coast

A fly-fishing film from the Swedish West Coast/Best Coast

Salty Madness
Fishing the Norwegian Coast - Official Trailer. Four man strong we went to a fjord in the Southern part of Norway to fish for the salty predatory fish. Flyfishing and spinfishing, all part of the game! The week is over, here is the official trailer. Full movie coming soon!

Music: The Final Stand - Tim Besamusca
Coastal fishing from a wheelchair

I can't fish wading or even standing anymore due to MS, so I have to adapt. I sometimes use a pontoon boat or a kayak, but at other times I simply sit in a chair or my wheelchair on the beach and fish. It's possible and can even produce a fish now and then - even though I rarely catch anything these days.
More about my situation on
Thanks to Henning Eskol for filming and shooting stills.

Fly fishing tropic beaches
Walking a tropic beach with a fly rod and sight casting to a variety of fish species. Learn more about the fly lines used at, or in Australia at
SIFF13: Islands
SIFF13:Islands is the fifth edition in a series of independent projects to capture a year spent fly fishing surf and inshore waters . "SIFF" is simply short for Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing.
Saltwater fly fishing in Kerry
Fly fishing for mullet with Thatch Cottage Fishing Lodge.

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· I F***ing Love Fish Science! - Scientific reports about fish and environment might not seem to be the most exciting to us anglers, but the work done by scientists is extremely important in keeping and eye on and improving our fishing waters.
· A glimpse of trout secrets - Yesterday I went and saw a preview of the new videos on coastal sea trout fishing by Danish Niels Vestergaard, and they are pretty exiting to put it mildly
· Sea Trout Secrets - A set of very good Danish DVD's have been translated into English.