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Fishing Copenhagen

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Postcards from the Swiss Alps

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Where Reality Collides With Fantasy (Part Two)

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Fly Fishing in the Himalayas

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Where Reality Collides With Fantasy

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River Limay

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Byske's Baltic Salmon

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Rio Grande

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Swedish Lapland

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Uncharted Waters Q&A

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Gaula Q&A

Videos with "Destinations - Places to go fishing" - More videos about about this subject
Fly Fishing Greece

Fly Fishing for Wild Brown Trout in Greece.

Flats of Alphonse
The Wildfly Fishing Series Fishing Series and team set out to conquer the flats species of Alphonse Island Seychelles. Be sure to check this one out!
Kamchatka Spring Creeks
The best of Kamchatka fly fishing spring creeks - with some pretty exciting mouse fishing.
Salmon Fly Fishing Alaska Episode 2
Episode 2 of fly fishing in Alaska for Silvers at the famous Bristol Bay Lodge. This time Peter spends the morning fishing and filming at one of the fly out camps from Bristol Bay to fish the confluence at Rainbo Camp. Some great action again in full HD of hooking, playing, landing and releasing these fish.
Salmon Fly Fishing Alaska Episode 1

An amazing video of just one day in Alaska, with Peter Collingsworth catching many huge bright chrome Silver's / Coho's Salmon on fly. This amazing HD video shows how to cast, hook and land these amazing fish. Through these videos you can see, hear and feel his passion for fishing, it shows just how much he gets excited as he kisses all the fish ☺

Filmed just in one morning at the famous Bristol Bay Lodge in Alaska.

Alaska Fly Fishing - Rainbow Trout

Fly fishing in Alaska, with Peter Collingsworth, fishing the rivers of Alaska Bristol Bay region. Watch this full HD video with great sound as Peter enjoys just one and half days of fishing. More fish than he can handle, listen to him laugh and get excited as he share with you his passion for fishing. Fly fishing heaven made in Alaska and a welcome break from all the Salmon fishing.