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Closed cell foam, foam bodies, foam cutters

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Catch's Pile Driver
This video will show you how to tie Catch's Pile Driver a great pattern for Bass, Musky and Pike.
Foam Backed Humpy
The Humpy is a classic dry fly pattern. Learn to tie the Humpy with the a modern addition - a foam back.
Fat Albert

Tying the Fat Albert Dry Fly
Material list
Hook: MFC #7026 Size 8 2XL heavy
Thread: 6/0 Dark Brown
Over Body: 2mm Dark Brown Foam
Under Body: 2mm Tan Foam with .5mm orange foam glued to tan
Wing: MFC Widows Web white
Legs: MFC Speckled Sexi Floss Tan

Bugbody Beetle

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Chubby Chernobyl
Hook: 2xl Dry #6 -#12 Thread: Brown Underbelly: Amber/Brown Antron Body: Tan Sheet Foam Wing: White Poly Yarn Legs: Brown Silly Legs
Cream Snowshoe Spinner

Hook: 2xl Dry #12-#14
Thread: Cream
Tail: Micro Fibbets
Body: Snowshoe Foot Dubbing
Wingpad: White Foam
Wing: Snowshoe Foot

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