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Skin, zonker strips, hair wings, dubbing

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Rutland fly fishing guide Rob Waddington shows you how to tie the Minky fly! This instructional fly tying video is great for beginners looking to get into fly tying for the first time or even for you pro's out there looking to learn a few more things to help catch you more fish! http://www.totallyawesomefishing.com/
Fur Ant
The ant is a delicacy for trout rarely do they let them pass. give them a try you'll be glad you did.
Hook: Partridge Barbless Ideal Nymph #8, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Rib: Copper wire, Body: Pine squirrel underfur, dyed chestnut, Wing: Pine squirrel 'zonker' strip, dyed olive-brown, Collar: Pine squirrel guard hairs, dyed chestnut - in split thread Note: The Squonker is a generic 'zonker' pattern - vary color and size as desired. Pattern and fly: Hans Weilenmann
Grey Ghost bunny streamer
This fly comes from Flies that Catch Fish, but this version has dumbbell eyes to weigh it and keep the hook riding point up. I nicknamed it the grey ghost because of the grey bunny strip. It comes pretty close to imitating a striped finger mullet. I have caught redfish, spotted sea trout, snook, and flounder on this fly. It rarely fouls because the bunny strip is impaled on the hook. You can change the color of the bunny strip and flash to imitate your local baitfish. I use chartreuse and black barred olive versions too.
Life of a Zonker
A super great video about a sea trout fly and its fate. That last fish is close to 4 lbs. Nice!