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Czech Style Nymph Grayling Bug

Materials Used;
Hook, Czech Nymph size 10
Thread, UTC 70 Yellow Olive
Rib, 3lb Nylon
Back, Scud Back Light Olive 1/8
Under Body, Lead Tape
Body, Olive Hares Mask Fur and Light Olive UV Ice Dub
Thorax, Natural Fur Fox Squirrel and Brown Olive Ice Dub
Colour Thorax and Head with a Brown Permanent

Hurch - Goiserer Traun
Fly fishing for grayling on Traun river (Austria).
Fly Fishing for brown trout and gra...

Norwegian Expedition are happy to accompany you on your traveling adventures in Norway. We're based in Hedemark, with great hiking and fishing experiences. Here's a short film showing just that.

You can also visit us here

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Fly fishing can be challenging, and some trout even become a total nemesis for some fly fishermen.
Danish graylings
A nice day by a Danish stream.
The Hunt for Arctic Grayling
This video is about fly fishing for arctic grayling