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Videos with "Hackle" - More videos about about this subject
Detailed instructions for tying a Bivisible.
Hen Hackle: Tips & Techniques

In this "Tips & Techniques" fly tying video, I explain some common uses for hen hackle. As a beginning fly tyer over 20 years ago, I knew little about the differences between hen and rooster, thus I wanted to give a brief overview and show a few common applications for the actual hen feathers. There are many more uses for hen hackle, but this video features the common ones that I employ, especially with JV Hen Hackle.

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Flatwing Sandeel
Seatrout/saltwater fly: The Flatwing Sandeel
Bluegill Olive Soft Hackle
Another great pan fish fly. Can also be tied in any color. Tied it weighted if you want to fish deeper water in the 5 to 10 foot range.
Non-descript softhackle
A simple soft hackle wet fly with a one-strand flash material body and rib
Vitreus Soft Hackle
A soft hackle fly used during the Yellow Quill hatches. The fly can also be fished as a nymph in the round and deep if you add a bead.